Catherine Trieschmann

Catherine Trieschmann is a playwright living on the plains of Western Kansas. To learn more about her, visit her author page at Samuel French


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  • Parenting and Playwriting: The Pageant, part III
    In this installment, Catherine gets her dream job of directing the Christmas Pageant, only to find out her professional experience might not be too helpful with this production.
  • Parenting and Playwriting: Excuses
    In her latest installment, Catherine Trieschmann explores turning forty, leaky roofs, advice for parents on how to save money on childcare, and what to do when you’re working from home with your child.
  • Parenting and Playwriting: Gotta Dance
    Nothing stirs my blood quite like the soft knock of toe shoes on a wood floor during a piqué. And so I admit, I may have exhibited a little too much enthusiasm when Laura, four, expressed a passing interest in taking a ballet class this summer.
  • Parenting and Playwriting: Worksong
    My feelings are more complicated than merely wishing my children would share my love of theater, however, because what I really want is for my children to love the theater, to appreciate all their access, but have absolutely no desire to pursue it as a career.