Catherine Trieschmann

Catherine Trieschmann is a playwright living on the plains of Western Kansas. To learn more about her, visit her author page at Samuel French


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  • Parenting and Playwriting: In the Back Row
    A couple of months ago, HowlRound hosted a discussion about parenting and theater on Twitter hashtag #newplay, and perhaps the most interesting question to emerge from the discussion was simply: "Should I bring my kid to rehearsal?"
  • Playwriting and Parenting: New Year, New Me
    Maybe it stems from the being a creative personality or being behind in writing projects, Catherine Trieschmann questions whether a renewal of occupation will uplift her creative stagnation .
  • Parenting & Playwriting: While I was Gone
    On this week's edition of Parenting & Playwriting with Catherine Treischmann: going away to work on your art.
  • Parenting & Playwriting: School to Back
    On this edition of Parenting & Playwriting with Catherine Trieschmann: the first days of school.