Chantal Bilodeau

Chantal Bilodeau is a playwright, translator, and research artist whose work focuses on the intersection of science, policy, culture, and climate change. She is the Artistic Director of The Arctic Cycle— an organization created to support the writing, development and production of eight plays that look at the social and environmental changes taking place in the eight countries of the Arctic—​and the founder of the blog and international network Artists & Climate Change. She is a co-organizer of the biennial Climate Change Theatre Action, a worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays presented in support of the United Nations COP meetings.



  • Why Do Women Climate More Than Men?
    Chantal Bilodeau kicks off this week’s series on Theatre in the Age of Climate Change by suggesting that women in the arts may be our planet’s best bet for survival.
  • F*ck the System (And the Horse It Rode In On)
    Chantal Bilodeau kicks off this week's series on Theatre in the Age of Climate Change, and argues that we as a theatre community need to recognize when our practices and systems are detrimental to the earth and other people, and strive to change them.
  • Why I’m Breaking Up with Aristotle
    Chantal Bilodeau on writing ourselves out of the pyramid and why she is breaking up with Aristotle.
  • In Search of a New Aesthetic
    Chantal Bilodeau kicks off the series Theatre in the Age of Climate Change with an account of her trip to the Canadian Arctic and how that changed how she wanted to write plays.

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