HowlRound is committed to modeling a commons-based approach to advancing the health and impact of the not-for-profit theater. We design and develop online knowledge platforms and in-person gatherings that promote peer-to-peer participation, organizational collaboration, field-wide research, and new teaching practices to illuminate to breadth, diversity, and impact of a commons-based approach to theater practice. 




  • HowlRound Essays End-of-Year Retrospective
    January 2015 marks the four-year anniversary of the launch of the commons project called the HowlRound Journal. Thank you authors, readers, and commenters—and thank all of you for participating in this ongoing conversation about theatre.
  • 2013 HowlRound Journal End-of-Year Roundup
    January 2014 marks the three-year anniversary of the launch of HowlRound. Since our beginning, we have published nearly 600 theater artists who have contributed a journal article or blog post, which have been read by 350,000 unique visitors to the site—an average of over 15,000 regular readers each month. Thank you to our contributors and readers; thank you for participating in the ongoing conversation about American theater.
  • 2012 HowlRound Roundup
    A collection of quotes from the top articles of 2012, and a look forward.

NewCritcriticism & analysis

  • NewCrit 2014 End-of-Year Roundup
    It's been a great year for NewCrit! Check out a sampling from our pieces in 2014.
  • 2013 HowlRound NewCrit Round Up
    January 2014 marks the three-year anniversary of the launch of HowlRound. For now, we leave 2013 by offering you an assortment of quotes from the HowlRound’s NewCrit this past year.

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