Joan Lancourt

Dr. Joan Lancourt has 30+ years of experience managing in and consulting to global and local organizations in a variety of industries, government and non-profit sectors. Her expertise ranges from strategic planning, and the design and management of organizational and cultural change to the implementation of a broad range of management programs and policies. She has spent the last 10 years as an Executive Coach in a Kennedy School Executive Development program, Achieving Excellence, coaching executive directors in the creation and implementation of strategic outcome-based organizational change. She is co-author of Intentional Revolutions: A Seven Point Strategy for Transforming Organizations, which identifies the critical success factors for making sustainable organizational change. She also authored a comparative study of the effectiveness of the Alinsky community organizations, Confront or Concede: The Alinsky Citizen Action Organizations, and is the author of multiple articles on organizational change, leadership development, and Human Resources.




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