Michael "Quess?" Moore

Michael "Quess?" Moore is a poet, MC, actor, and educator. He teaches the English component of a 9th grade Integrated Humanities course at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). He is also a self-published author, a performer with the VOIC'D collective as an actor and contributing writer, and a founding member of Team SNO, New Orleans' first national slam poetry championship-winning team. He has produced a self-titled CD, "A Scribe Called Quess?" and his debut book of poetry, Blind Visionz, can be found at www.lulu.com.

Michael "Quess?"

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  • He Said, She Said: The Process of Distillation
    Michael “Quess?” Moore explores why he wound up in residence in New Orleans at the DISTILLERY, and what he’s continuing to learn and experience.
  • Talkin Revolution: Free Southern Theater Then and Now
    Michael Moore talks about finding the spirit of Free Southern Theatre in Junebug Productions, and his awaking of the urgency found in the community for socially activated theater.
  • A Gathering in the Roux: The Makings of a New Orleans Slam Team
    When preparing a pot of gumbo, one must start with the roux. Every good Louisianan knows this. The roux is the bone marrow that binds this body of savory goodness together. The rubber glue that cements all of that taste bud bursting flavor to your senses. It’s the cradle that...