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  • Call for Submissions for the Summer 2015 LTC Carnaval of New Latina/o Work Café Onda
    The Carnaval endeavors to increase the visibility of work by Latina/o playwrights and to encourage the production of that work in the nation’s theaters. The event will include eight readings of new work representing the four geographical regions of the United States; three pieces by master Latina/o directors devised with DePaul Theatre School students; and conversations between producers and the Latina/o theatermaking community.
  • Auto-Cours at Art School: A Foundation of Devising Original Work in an Ensemble David Taft, John Kendall Wilson
    With no assistance from outside their group, several student performance groups devise their own work as a solution to the posted problem. The problem is a mix of text and images arranged on a page. The text and graphic elements are precise, and often not obviously meaningful beyond their ordinary appearance, but after a close read the details of the page may be seen as suggestive toward a response, provocation, or a call for investigation. This is what students must solve through performance.
  • Livestreaming Network of Ensemble Theaters' Intersection: Ensembles + Universities—Fri, Oct 31-Sun, Nov 2 HowlRound TV
    The Network of Ensemble Theaters presents Intersection: Ensembles + Universities livestreaming from LaMama and New School University in New York City on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at Friday, October 31 to Sunday, November 2, 2014. In Twitter, use #newplay to share conversation.
  • Interweaving Theory and Practice: the Post Natyam Collective's Web-based Collaborative Process Cynthia Ling Lee
    Over the past seven years, the Post Natyam Collective’s creative practice has transitioned from in-person collaboration to web-based collaboration. Often our process is deeply informed by scholarly engagement, including feminism, queer theory, critical race theory, postcolonial studies, and subaltern histories of Indian classical dance forms. Collective members often develop promising seeds from our shared processes into diverse products: dance-for-camera pieces, art installations, lecture-demonstrations, performance works, and scholarly papers.
  • Notes from the Latino American Underground Julián J. Mesri
    The painful step, though, is realizing that to exorcise those demons is to perhaps challenge the very notion of an identity. Perhaps the solution is to do away with trying to consistently define ourselves as Latina/o theater, and merely say we are Latinas/os or Latin Americans who make work.
  • Creating Cultures: Double Edge on University Campuses Matthew Glassman
    What we really needed—and received—was a place to develop an unfinished work in a professional touring locale with Chicago audiences, and to prototype a student chorus that would be trained to perform in the work. Simultaneously Columbia College had the Double Edge ensemble embedded in its department for nearly a month. Acting students had daily access to training. Directors, playwrights, and actors could observe rehearsal and process regularly.
  • Livestreaming panel: Emerging Writers and Harold Pinter’s Legacy: A Conversation—Fri, Oct 31 HowlRound TV
    Theater Emory, the professional producing organization of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, presents a panel discussion on Harold Pinter in conversation with contemporary artists as a part of their semester-long celebration of the playwright’s work. This panel will livestream on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Friday, October 31 at 20:00 GMT (London) / 4pm EDT (Toronto) / 3pm CDT (Austin) / 1pm PDT (Vancouver). In Twitter, use #newplay to chat.
  • Twitter: Unite a la conversación de #newplay este jueves en español! Tema: Diferencias culturales y de idioma en teatro—Thurs, Oct 30 HowlRound
    This week's Twitter conversation using #newplay will be in Spanish and topic is: "Diferencias culturales y de idioma en teatro" This conversation will be moderated by Inés Gubba-Tejeira @Ineika—who like all of our moderators, authors, and content producers—self-selected to peer-produce on this commons-based platform! This hour-long Howl will take place on Thursday, October 30 on hashtag #newplay at 11am PDT (Vancouver) / 1pm CDT (Austin) / 2pm EDT (Toronto) / 18:00 GMT / 7pm CET (Madrid).
  • Cafesito: Tony Garcia & Su Teatro Marisela Orta, Tony Garcia
    There is a very gentle story at heart about a boy who wants his mother. We all feel that separation; we all want to return to that place in our lives where our mother’s voice, scent, and presence can solve everything. That makes it pretty universal.
  • On Immersive Theater: The Senses to Take the Wall Down—Part 4: The Gentle Touch of Fantasy Mikhael Tara Garver
    Touch has an important place in open-frame work. It is our most powerful resource—but we must craft it with the care we craft each other element. In fact, with more care, because we are stepping into a world where audience members need to grant true permission for it to be impactful. Touch is a sense we may turn off to function in our day-to-day lives. Are you aware of the smooth texture of your keyboard or the hard wood of your seat? Are you processing the feel of your jeans against your skin?