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  • Going In: Gender Discovery Through Performance Dominic Bradley
    I gravitated towards performance art. Many questions emerged from my practice. What am I on fire to do? What gender(s) can I explore? Where is the niche for performers like me? How do I engage my entire history? Do I pursue opportunities that call for a specific gender(s)? Who is my audience? How do I market myself effectively? Will my intentions and choices determine how I am read or is that something outside my control?
  • Your Guide to Theater Education: The Theatre School at DePaul University David Dudley, John Culbert
    The Theatre School at DePaul University has been around for a long time. It's no wonder, given that they offer degree programs in nearly every discipline one could hope for, from playwriting to directing, scenic design to arts management, costume design to dramaturgy, one can acquire a top-notch education at DePaul, where theory and practice are afforded equal emphasis. This round, I interview John Culbert, Dean of The Theatre School at DePaul.
  • The Adventures of a Male-Bodied Transwoman in Drama School Bianca Leigh
    I was often cast in small roles or the chorus. I learned to watch and listen. Creating a point of view about everything that happens onstage—even when I didn’t have a single line—was invaluable experience. I could make up whatever backstory I wanted. The many pages and youths I played didn’t have strict binary restrictions, so in my heart I was the saucy kitchen wench.
  • Livestreaming a Staged Reading of Flight by Patrick Gabridge—Liminal Space, London—#newplay—Mon, Oct 27 HowlRound TV
    Liminal Space Productions in London presents a staged reading of "Flight" by Boston-based writer Patrick Gabridge on the global, open source HowlRound TV network at on Monday, October 27 at 7:30pm GMT (London) / 3:30pm EDT (Toronto) / 2:30pm CDT (Chicago) / 12:30pm PDT (Vancouver).
  • Not Here for the Bard: Candor from a Shakespeare Detractor Azure D. Osborne-Lee
    Imagine, if you will, a slumber party. A group of tweens huddles around a television in the carpeted family room of a two-story house. Most of them stare, mouths slightly open, entranced by leading man Leonardo DiCaprio. Caught up in his twenty-something good looks, they have found what they’re looking for. But not all of them. Not me.
  • Livestreaming The Mirror up to Nature: Reflecting the Environment in Designs, Maps, and Theater—CultureHub, NYC—#newplay—Sun, Oct 26 HowlRound TV
    How do different creative disciplines construct a narrative around ecology and environmentalism? CultureHub in New York City presents the discussion "The Mirror up to Nature: Reflecting the Environment in Designs, Maps, and Theater" livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Sunday, October 26 at 22:00 GMT (London) / 6pm EDT (New York) / 5pm CDT (Austin) / 3pm PDT (Vancouver) / 9am AEDT on Monday, October 27 (Sydney). In Twitter, use #newplay.
  • Devising the New Avant-garde—Part 2: The Renaissance Kid and the Open Play Kate Kremer
    The rise of artistic multi-functionalism, and the open, assimilative, and collaborative values it implies, has coincided with the emergence of devising as a major theatrical discipline. Although devising is hardly new the process of developing work through collaboration among a group of artists has gained traction in recent years. It makes sense: both multi-functionalism and devising are solutions to an economic downturn, ways to continue creating complex and multivalent art in a scale-back climate.
  • Participate in The Latina/o Theatre Commons Second National Convening Nov. 6-9 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center's Encuentro 2014 Café Onda
    The 2014 Latina/o Theatre Commons Second National Convening at Los Angeles Theatre Center's Encuentro 2014 runs November 6-9, 2014 and is open to all theatermakers, artists, scholars, administrators, and advocates with an interest in Latina/o theater (or the New American Theater). If you plan to come to any Convening events, please RSVP here no later than November 1, 2014.
  • Archiving the Past, Present, and Future of Teatro Trevor Boffone
    My experiences doing archival research in Austin led me to question the current state of Latina/o theater and the growing need not only to return to the archives to learn about the past, but the urgent need we have to archive the present for the future.
  • Script Analysis: No Screaming Matches, No Riot Police Julie Rada
    When we teach, how do we discuss something truly important? Specifically, how could I talk about the murder of an unarmed black man the same age as my students? What is taught in the not teaching? What is not covered in a course? When we omit difficult conversations or troubling current events, what does that teach students about what is important, worthy of attention, urgent?