Future Programming (2020-2023)

LTC Future Programming

What are we looking for? 

If you've never attended an LTC event, check out our mission, vision, and values before reading the rest of this. 

The LTC is looking to our commons community for ideas for our next suite of programing. If you have a great idea, we want to hear from you! We are looking for a wide range of initiatives, including in-person gatherings, publications, trainings, and other projects with regional, national, or international impact, and we encourage you to think expansively and outside the box. Do not worry about whether the "format" of your idea fits the LTC; focus on content. Why should the LTC be the group to carry your idea forward?

When fleshing out your idea, consider the resources you already have access to, including organizations, spaces, people, and potential partners. Our community is rich with resources, but we don't always utilize them to their full potential. How does your idea celebrate and benefit from the abundance around us?

You may submit multiple ideas, and you do NOT need to be a current LTC Steering Committee member to submit an idea. You also do not have the be the champion of the project you submit! We want the widest breadth of our community reflected in our work—and for that, we need you!

What are our programming priorities?

While the LTC Steering Committee is interested in a wide variety of ideas (think big!), we are prioritizing a few things. On 15 April 2018, a small group of Steering Committee members met to outline recommendations to the full Steering Committee for the future work of the LTC, and some of these reccommendations related to our future programming:

  1. We recognized our programming gaps in the past and recommend the entire Steering Committee (not just recruitment and programming committees) prioritize and value the experience and participation of Afro-Latinx, indigenous, disabled, and queer people; designers, technicians, and critics; and advocate for language justice in our convenings.

  2. Based on our current staffing and fundraising capacity, we recommend considering a six to nine month gap between events for all future programming.

  3. We identified a need for a creative renewal/retreat event for the Steering Committee. We recommend a proposal be submitted by an interested Steering Committee member(s) willing to champion once we begin the proposal process in September 2018.

  4. We recommend that the Steering Committee look to the ten year anniversary (2023) as a celebration and evaluation of the current LTC. We encourage convening proposals, initiatives, and activities around this idea.

We also will always be looking to implement programming that highlights the LTC's values (Service, Radical Inclusion, Transparency, Legacy & Leadership Cultivation, and Advancement of the Art Form) and that implements change through at least two of the LTC's programmatic strategies (advocacy, art making, convening, and scholarship).

What kind of programs has the LTC done in the past?

The LTC has produced international convenings (2017—Los Angeles), national convenings (2013—Boston, 2014—Los Angeles, 2015—Chicago, 2018—Chicago), and regional convenings (2015—Dallas, 2016—Seattle, 2016—New York). We have produced convenings at new play readings festivals (2015—Chicago, 2018—Chicago), have memorialized our elders (2018—Princeton), created production initiatives (El Fuego), put our Steering Committee members through Undoing Racism Training, are currently publishing our first book with Northwestern University Press, and in January, will produce our first event focusing on work for young people (2019—Austin). 

The LTC does the work that one company or individual cannot do alone. We collaborate across the continent and across traditional "roles" in the theatre to fill in the gaps, to create opportunities, and to cultivate and unearth the wealth and abundance of our community. 

What do we NOT do?

The LTC does not produce theatre. Please do not submit your scripts or a proposal for a production. There are plenty of amazing Latinx theatre companies across our continent doing this work; we highly reccommend you seek them out (and attend their shows and donate to them!).

How do I submit an idea?

To submit an idea to the LTC for consideration, fill out the Elevator Pitch Form by 4 October 2018. A subcommittee within the LTC Steering Committee dedicated to future programming will review all ideas and invite fifteen ideas to submit full applications by 25 October 2018. You'll then have six weeks to work on a more in-depth proposal and get it back to us by Thursday, 6 December (don't worry, we'll let you know what this application entails in late October). The full Steering Committee will then read these fifteen applications and meet in Austin on January 27, 2019 to talk about them. We'll assess the applications based on criteria like fit with the LTC, financial feasibility, and an LTC values match. We'll then contact you in February 2019 with more information!  

Ideas submitted can run anytime from March 2020 through December 2023. They do not need to run this entire time, but must not "open" before March 2020 and must be completed by December 2023.

Join an info session!

If you have more questions, please attend one of our info sessions. We'll talk through the submission process, past LTC events, budget possibilities, and more. Attending an info session does not impact your submission chances, but it might make your submission stronger! Click on your preferred option below to add it to your gcal.

Option #1: Sunday, 23 September @ 7pm EDT/6pm CDT/5pm MDT/4pm PDT
Option #2: Monday, 1 October @ 3pm EDT/2pm CDT/1pm MDT/12pm PDT