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Click here to donate to the LTC's efforts, including our convenings, online journal, our advocacy efforts, and general overhead. The donations are in one-time increments of $10, but we encourage buying in multiples!

$25 pays for printed materials for one session at a convening

$75 pays for one Café Onda blog post

$100 pays for ten tickets for Latinx and allied theatremakers to attend performances

$250 pays for an hour of live translation during an event or convening

$500 pays for one Latinx theatre maker to attend a professional training

$750 pays for the housing and travel scholarship for one person to attend a convening

Artist Lists

Need to hire a Latinx artist, scholar, or practioner but don't know where to start looking? See our lists below to see a constantly updated database of folks working in your area and around the country!

For a list of Latinx theatrical designers you should hire, click here! (To add yourself to the list, email LTC Producer Abigail Vega.)

For a list of Latinx and Chicanx theatre scholars you should bring to your institutions, click here! (To add yourself to the list, click here.)

For a list of Latinx stage managers and technicians you should hire, click here! (To add yourself to the list, click here.)

For a list of Latinx dramaturgs, coaches, choreographers, and other artistic personnel you should hire, click here! (To add yourself to the list, click here.)

More lists to be added soon!

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LTC in the News

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