• Mimesophobia by Carlos Murillo

    They seemed like the perfect couple. Affluent. Attractive. Well-educated. Why did the husband brutally murder his wife and then take his own life? A desperate screenwriting duo struggles with severe writer's block to unearth the answer. The murder victim's sister reconstructs from the ashes a diary that may or may not contain the secrets. And a deranged academic, haunted by her own possible involvement, meditates on the American obsession with violence. In the face of inexplicable violence, whose myth will most closely resemble the truth of what happened?

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  • The Javier Plays by Carlos Murillo

    The Javier Plays reconstructs a trilogy of lost works by the forgotten Colombian-American playwright Javier C., and examines the riddle, "What does it mean to be American?," from the immigrant perspective of its protagonist. Reflecting Javier's vision to create a theatre of "Bipolar Realism," the plays hopscotch across a broad formalistic bandwidth, from the family secrets play dramaturgy of "Diagram of a Paper Airplane," to the psychedelic medicine show of "A Thick Description of Harry Smith," to the nesting doll like meditation on Latino American identity of "Your Name Will Follow you Home." Together, they tell an epic — one man's attempt to comprehend his role as a storyteller in an America that is alien to him. 

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  • Assorted LTC Book

    Choose one of many titles donated to the LTC by TCG! All books are the same price, and may only be purchased in person at the 2018 LTC Carnaval of New Latinx Work.

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  • Support the LTC!

    Support the work of the Latinx Theatre Commons (LTC) through a tax deductible donation benefiting our convenings, online community, and advocacy. Donations can be made in increments of $10.

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  • All the Lights On: Reimagining Theater with Ten Thousand Things by Michelle Hensley

    Published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press in association with HowlRound.

    All the Lights On is a history of the Twin Cities' theatre company Ten Thousand Things, which for more than twenty years has been bringing intelligent, lively theatre to nontraditional audiences—to prisons and homeless shelters, adult education centers, and rural areas—as well as the general public.

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  • The Latina/o Theatre Commons 2013 National Convening: A Narrative Report by Brian Eugenio Herrera

    This book offers a detailed narrative account of what happened at the 2013 Latina/o Theatre Commons National Convening which was the first national gathering of U.S. Latina/o theatremakers in more than twenty five years. The convening was hosted by HowlRound at Emerson College, Boston from October 31 to November 2, 2013.

    ISBN: 978-1-939006-04-2 (paperback)
    ISBN: 978-1-939006-05-9 (e-book)

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    The HowlRound Campfire two-toned, speckled ceramic mug. Best for imagining drinking hot cocoa around a campfire! Wide mouth, 15oz. And support artists with this purchase!

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  • In the Intersection: Partnerships in the New Play Sector by Diane Ragsdale

    A report on a meeting of US not-for-profit and commercial theatre producers. Washington, DC, November 4–5, 2011.

    ISBN 978-1-939006-00-4 (Paperback) 

    Ebook formats:

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