Latin Theatre Commons Logo

The Latina|o Theatre Commons emerged from a national gathering of theatre artists, makers, and scholars who collectively decided that Latina/o/x-identified people would be the spine for our own stories and experiences in the American theatre. Since that first convening in 2013, the Latina|o Theatre Commons (LTC) has grown to include Latina/o/x artists and allies from across the US, working diligently to continually imagine and reimagine what a commons can and should look like. As a commons, we have shaped our values together, and these values serve as a collection of tenets that we constantly measure our collective actions against. These are:

  • Service
  • Radical Inclusion
  • Transparency
  • Legacy and Leadership Cultivation
  • Advancement of the Art Form

As a commons, we continue to critically engage with our collective work and our field to determine when we are closer to these values, and when we have much more work to do. As a commons made up of people as diverse as our Latinx community, our actions, and our reflections, are ever-changing.

As a Steering Committee, we have been listening. We have been listening to the ways that our communities are shifting. Specifically, we have been listening for the ways that these shifts can move our commons toward radical inclusion and transparency.

Together as a Steering Committee, we have collectively decided to officially shift our name from the Latina|o Theatre Commons to the Latinx Theatre Commons. This change signals the beginning of our work toward being radically inclusive of those who do not identify as either “a” (female) or “o” (male). The “x” includes everyone: those who identify as “a,” those who identify as “o,” and everyone beyond and between. We invite you to reference the following resources for more information on “Latinx.”

We look forward to continuing the dialogue and the work toward radical inclusion with you all in 2017. We hope you’ll be with us.