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2014 LTC National Convening at Encuentro 2014

Watch the full video from the convening here.

Los Angeles, California 6-10 November 2014

The Latino Theater Company, in association with the Latina/o (later renamed Latinx) Theatre Commons, presented the 2014 LATC Encuentro: A National Latina/o Theatre Festival, from October 12 to November 10, 2014. Encuentro translates to “an encounter,” a theme that was a core component of this groundbreaking festival, which was also the largest national Latinx theatre festival in over twenty-five years. The Encuentro explored the multi-faceted Latinx experience on stage by featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning plays, English- and Spanish-language productions, devised theatre, experimental work, ensemble-based performances, and solo shows. In addition to presenting their work to the public, artists worked together during the month-long residency by sharing creative methodologies in artistic workshops that culminated in a public performance of the co-created new works. See the full list of participants, the convening viewing schedule (including performances conveners saw), and the convening event schedule.

“As practitioners that tell culturally specific narratives, and as producers that create space for culturally specific work, do we work to tell our stories from within regional theater or do we work to support and create more culturally specific institutions to present our work?” -- Arielle Julia Brown

Read reports from the convening and NewCrit reviews of the festival performances.


Collage of images of theatre artists speaking, performing, and dancing at the 2014 LTC National Convening.

“We are here to cherish our accomplishments and to consider our missteps. We are here to converge and to communicate our thoughts and ideas for the future. We are here full of optimism, full of rage, full of pain, full of love, and joy. We are here to look forward, to move forward, we are here to encounter ourselves, our audiences, and each other.” -- José Luis Valenzuela

On the final weekend of the festival, the LTC Steering Committee gathered in Los Angeles for the 2014 LTC Second National Convening to attend the performances, engage in discussions about art-making and aesthetics, and attend an in-person LTC Steering Committee meeting. Through these five days of convening, the LTC Steering Committee sought an answer to the core question of the Encuentro itself: What is the state of Latina/o Theatre today?