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A graphic read Essays and Conversations from the First Ten Years. Essays curated and published by HowlRound Theatre Commons.

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Welcome to HowlRound

We're a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide, and we've been amplifying progressive and disruptive ideas about theatre and facilitating connections between diverse practitioners for the past decade. We function as a “commons”—a social structure that invites open participation around shared values. We believe Black Lives Matter.

All of the content (essays, videos, podcasts) on HowlRound comes from the theatre community who chooses to participate—that means you! Generosity from our community allows us to keep all our programs 100% free and open, and enables us to compensate our contributors—send us a donation to help support our continued work.

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Arts Assembly 2022 event poster that says: Greener Grass?
A Platform for Ukrainian Artists, Curators, and Cultural Leaders to Share Perspectives and Ideas for the Future of the Cultural Life of the Country.

CEC ArtsLink presents ArtsLink Assembly 2022: Greener Grass? Cultivating Transborder Connections Between Ukrainian Cultural Communities livestreaming on the global, commons-based, peer-produced HowlRound TV network Wednesday 30 November to Friday 2 December 2022.

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Critical Stages in Malawian Contemporary Theatre teaser image with the title at the top and a picture of the guest in the middle.
Theatre as a Tool for Menstrual Hygiene Education

Theatre as a Tool for Menstrual Hygiene Education

30 November 2022

Lydia Deborah Banda infuses theatre into community initiatives that work toward gender equality, educate girls about menstruation, and provide leadership and support opportunities in schools and prisons. In this interview, she shares her experiences conducting these initiatives in Malawi and touring internationally to Germany.

Five people pretending to run in the same direction in a classroom.
Dealing with the Feels: Demystifying Emotions in Acting Classes with Emotional Intelligence

Dealing with the Feels: Demystifying Emotions in Acting Classes with Emotional Intelligence

28 November 2022

Theatre artist and educator Janet Neely advocates for incorporating emotional intelligence instruction into acting training and offers insights on, and resources for, teaching emotional intelligence to students.

Teaser image for Season 1, Episode 5 of Critical Stages In Malawian Contemporary Theatre featuring the headshot of Bright Phumayo Chayachaya.
Building an Audience for Malawian Political Theatre

Building an Audience for Malawian Political Theatre

22 November 2022

Bright Phumayo Chayachaya’s Umunthu Theatre pulls together political theatre, poor theatre, theatre for development, and educational theatre to create productions that centralize Malawian narratives. In this interview, he discusses the company’s genesis and the need to bring audiences back to theatre.

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