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Building the New Play Map Version 3.0

Update # 3

Last week we wrapped up the third of four total sprints devoted to building version 3.0 of the New Play Map. Find the first two updates here and here. Our goals for the week were:

  • To complete all of the core user stories (a user story is one or more sentences in the everyday or business language of that captures what a user does or needs to do as part of his or her job function) we’ve started before moving onto any new ones. 
  • To finish the two most important design stories and move onto other design fixes. 
  • And to begin to implement design.

Vijay & I with the Quilted team.

On the whole, we made great progress last week—the team finished the two design stories and almost all of the other stories we had started to date. We began to implement design as well. In our sprint retrospective, I asked each developer to share a bit about their work this week:

Colin Sagan: The fun thing I worked on was getting the map’s filters working to returning results. This week really has shown what an amazing difference using the new database technology, Mongo, will make. Even though the pins aren’t showing up on the Map yet, being able to search and have the Map generate results so quickly is really amazing.

Chacha Sikes:  My task was to focus on making the map stable—for it to load all of the information and get the results we expect to load quickly. I was very grateful to have access to a community of map developers to ask questions about how to handle some of the data. They suggested some things that I implemented and as a result the organization profiles now load better and the backend is more stable, and less complicated. This all helps us be able to give people an experience that is what they expect and gives us more control over the total user experience.

We’re all excited to share it with  you and hear what you think!

Ben Mauer: Polly said it best when she said she’s very excited about the progress we’re making with integrating the HowlRound brand and bringing the Map into more alignment with the organization containing it. The Map’s readability is better, and I’ve made some minor tweaks in artist, event, and organization overlays that have totally improved the user experience. Now people can see what information they are going to get when they go into a particular section of a profile which makes the Map more apt for exploration than it has been. Next week we begin our fourth and final sprint before launching the New Play Map Version 3.0. We’re all excited to share it with  you and hear what you think!

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