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The #NEWPLAY Community News & Information Sourcing Project: Twitter's open system and hashtag searching feature enables our field's online community to rapidly share and aggregate news and information, creating a knowledge commons from which we all collectively benefit.  We are in the midst of a revolution in the way information flows in our field and there has never been a time in our theater culture when we have been able to share news, opportunities, and resources with each other with such facility and comprehensiveness as in this historical moment. Jump in and join us: everyone in the online community is a potential news and information source and everyone can contribute to the pool of knowledge resources by putting "#newplay" anywhere in a Tweet. If you know of a news event, an opportunity for theater artists, or anything else that YOU judge relevant to our national and global community and conversation, get on Twitter and share it with #newplay. On a daily basis, the HowlRound Blog will source what the "#newplay" community has posted on Twitter and re-publish a news roundup.     The #NEWPLAY.US Project: This is a community sourced video project located at that's simply about recording a video that answers a question or proposing a question and seeing what the community responds with via video.  A sample question is: "What is the future of theater?"  See the response and record your own at  

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