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This year, Allison Vanouse's essays have appeared in Big Red & Shiny, Spirited Magazine and rWp: a Journal of Robert Penn Warren Studies. An independent director, performer, and producer, Allison is an alumna of Brandeis University (2009) and the Saratoga International Theater Institute (2010). Most recently, she has performed in a new translation of August Strindberg's The Stronger by Ulrika Brand, and in a vigil-like 3:00am visitation of Samuel Beckett's Not I, held at an abandoned outdoor theater for the 24-hour performance series Glossolalia, curated by Maria Molteni. Allison serves as Literary Editor for Riot of Perfume magazine and as Editorial Assistant for The Battersea Review. She works in the Boston offices of the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers.