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Claudia Mulkey

Social Media Assistant

Claudia Mulkey is a Chilean-American student at Emerson College in Boston. She grew up in Santiago, Chile, and was excited to move to a new city and develop her creative and professional person. She took a gap year where she dedicated her time to freelance, doing work in graphic design, video editing, and social media. Claudia has always been fascinated by visual culture and the impact images have on people. This led to her decision to study Marketing Communications, as it allows her to develop this fascination in a professional setting. Theatre has been a prevalent part of Claudia's life whether as a performer, audience member, or critic. She craves to learn more about the discipline and to further immerse herself in the craft of acting as a means to exemplify the complexity of human behavior. Naturally merging her two passions of theatre and marketing led to her working at HowlRound and surrounding herself with co-workers that share her same passions.