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David Diamond

David J Diamond coordinates international programs for theatre artists at La MaMa Umbria International and works as Director of Career Coaching for Artists.

David curates the La MaMa Umbria International Symposia, which bring renowned artists from around the world to Spoleto, Italy each Summer for workshops, residencies and performances in the world-renowned Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds. He received the CEC ArtLink Residency in St. Petersburg, Russia. He serves on the Steering Committee for Theatre Without Borders, which produced conferences such as Socially Engaged Performance: A Global Conversation. He is a Founder and Trustee of the 30-year old Barrow Group Theatre Company located in New York City. He is an author, community activist, and Facilitator (“joker”) of Forum Theatre. As a Fulbright Specialist in Theatre, he recently completed a residency with Dah Teatar in Belgrade, Serbia. David is President of Career Coaching for Artists which presents workshops for professionals and students, including Directing Your Theatre Career annually at Columbia University and Yale School of Drama, providing resources for navigating a career in the professional art world. His most recent publication is a chapter in Dah Teatar: A Sourcesbook, published in 2016. More information:


First Foray into St. Petersburg's Theatre Scene

First Foray into St. Petersburg's Theatre Scene

20 August 2017

David Diamond, curator of the La MaMa Umbria International Symposia, visits St. Petersburg and presents a look at Russian theatre artists today.