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D.R. Baker

Writer, musician, sound artist, small child poking an anthill with a stick. They/them.

D.R. Baker's writing has appeared or is forthcoming at Book Riot, Memoir Mixtapes, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Bone & Ink Lit Zine, The Young Folks, and others. As a musician, they have played guitar and bass for various acts over the past decade. Their work in theatre has run the gamut of playwriting, sound design, production management, and occasional, ill-fated adventures in lighting design. Raised in New Jersey, educated in Ohio, and with brief forays into Michigan and Nevada, Dan now lives in New York City with their partner. 

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Toward a Greater Empathy in the American Theatre

Toward a Greater Empathy in the American Theatre

22 May 2019

D.R. Baker examines some of the realities of artists working in the American theatre and explores how empathy can be harnessed to make the industry a more positive place to work.