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Philip Himberg

Artistic Director, Sundance Institute Theatre Program

Since 1997, Philip is a member of senior leadership of the Sundance Institute and has overseen all aspects of the Sundance Institute Theatre Program which is one of our country’s most respected global play development organizations. Under his aegis, the Institute’s theatre labs have supported hundreds of artists and new plays and musicals that have gone on to production and acclaim at regional theatres across the U.S., including Broadway, and at international venues. These works and their authors have received multiple awards including the Pulitzer Prize, Tony, Obie, MacArthurs “Genius” Awards, among others.

The Theatre Program’s core International work (which for over a decade focused on six countries in the East African region) currently supports a robust ongoing interaction with Arabic language theatre makers across the Mediterranean basin, in North Africa, the Middle East and those MENA artists now living in the EU. Sundance has hosted theatre labs across the region including for disapora populations in Europe. 

As a playwright, Philip’s most recent play PAPER DOLLS received its world premiere at the Kiln Theatre (former Tricycle) in London in 2013 and in 2018, its U.S. premiere at the Mosaic Theatre in Washington DC.  The play looks at Filipino gay immigrant communities in Tel Aviv. Philip is a former member of the Tony Award Nomination Committee, served as Past President of the Board of TCG (Theatre Communications Group) and is currently a trustee of the Kiln Theatre, London. He has taught at NYU Tisch and the Yale Drama School. 

Mr. Himberg holds a degree as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, since 1985, and previously was a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist.

What a "Renegade" New Play Fanatic Can Bring to the Leadership of the TCG Board

What a "Renegade" New Play Fanatic Can Bring to the Leadership of the TCG Board

20 October 2011

As he becomes the President of the TCG Board of Directors, Philip Himberg shares his hopes for the impact and value new plays and playwrights can bring to America.