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Rebecca Noon

Rebecca is an actor-creator based in Providence, RI. She runs Strange Attractor Theatre with cohorts from Providence, Philadelphia, and Juneau, AK. Since 2010, they have created several original shows and experiences in all three of their hometowns. Rebecca also teaches devising to middle, high school, college-aged, and adult students around the country and she is the Community Engagement Coordinator at Trinity Rep in Providence. Rebecca holds a BFA in Acting from the College of Santa Fe and an MFA in Lecoq Based Actor Created Physical Theatre from the London International School of Performing Arts.

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All or Nothing

All or Nothing

The Life of an Improbable Ensemble

18 November 2014

In this, Strange Attractor’s first major process, we put our commitment to the test, and through that difficult process, we became an ensemble. We still worked without a director, but unlike our first casual process, now we cared about the outcome. We’d fundraised for airline tickets and stipends and gotten our communities excited about our company. Suddenly it wasn’t enough to make something—we wanted it to be good.

Friday Phone Call # 5 with Rebecca Noon of Strange Attractor

Friday Phone Call # 5 with Rebecca Noon of Strange Attractor

27 January 2012

This week's Friday Phone Call features David Dower in conversation with Strange Attractor's Rebecca Noon.