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El Fuego: Fueling the American Theatre with Latinx Plays

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What is El Fuego?

El Fuego is an initiative of the LTC. During preparations for Carnaval 2015, the LTC put out a call to Latinx theatres across the nation to secure productions for the 12 Carnaval selected Playwrights, and in less than 13 hours, 18 responded! After working with these theatres to match them with a playwright, we promote the culminating productions in several ways by:

1) Supporting the housing, travel, and per diem of the playwright, allowing them to be present for development and/or rehearsal time with the company,

2) Supporting the housing and travel of a Latinx theatre scholar to attend rehearsals and performances, allowing them to document and write about the process and production, as well as paying the scholar for their work,

3) Providing national press for the initiative, and

4) Supporting the eventual publication of an anthology of these plays that also documents the initiative and the individual processes of these companies.

El Fuego Productions Produced Thus Far

Parachute Men by Mando Alvarado, produced by Teatro Vista (Chicago, IL), 10 September—16 October 2016

Woman on Fire by Marisela Treviño Orta, produced by Camino Real Productions (Albuquerque, NM), 29 September—16 October 2016

El Payaso by Emilio Rodriguez, produced by Milagro (Portland, OR), 12-21 January 2017

Sweep by Georgina Escobar, produced by the Aurora Theater (Lawrenceville, GA), 10 February—5 March 2017

MAS by Milta Ortiz, produced by Su Teatro (Denver, CO), 9-26 March 2017

The Sweetheart Deal by Diane Rodriguez, produced by the Latino Theater Company (Los Angeles, CA), 4 May—4 June 2017

Dancing in my Cockroach Killers by Magdalena Gómez, produced by GALA Hispanic Theatre and Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre (Washington, DC), 7 June—1 July 2018

GENTEFRIKATION by Emilio Rodriguez, Produced by Teatro Prometeo (Miami, FL), 14-16 December 2018

Fur by Migdalia Cruz, Produced by Teatro Dallas (Dallas, TX), 15-30 March 2019

Their Dogs Came With Them by Virginia Grise, Produced by Borderlands Theater (Tucson, AZ), Spring 2019

The first six productions of the El Fuego Committed Theatres Initiative were generously supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF).

Download the full 11 October 2016 El Fuego Press Release.

Download the full 30 October 2015 El Fuego Press Release.

Press photos are available upon request.

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