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Monday 17 August 2020

Livestreaming Peace by Piece by Nabil Sawalha

Part of BÉZNĂ Theatre's GLOD: Political Theatre as a Civil Right series

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Monday 17 August 2020

Glod: Political Theatre as a Civil Right presents Peace by Piece by Nabil Sawalha livestreaming on the global, commons-based, peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Monday 17 August 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT (San Francisco, UTC -7) / 1 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 6 p.m. BST (London, UTC +1) / 8 p.m. EEST (Cluj, UTC +3).

Romanian noun

  1. Wet earth (soaked by rain water or melted snow)
  2. Mud
  3. Clay

From the Hungarian galád or the Russian глуда (gluda)

Peace by Piece is a documentary about Peace Oh Peace - a satirical show openly and humorously criticising political leaders in the Middle East. The show toured from Jordan to Israel in 1995, shortly after the assassination of beloved Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, who was actively involved in the peace process with Palestine.

Join Nabil Sawalha (winner of The Medal of Independence 1st Class from King Hussein for achievements in the arts) and a wider panel including Dina Mousawi, Creative Producer for Goodchance Theatre, who worked with Nabil on Nadim Sawalha’s - "Rest Upon the Wind" about Khalil Gibran and toured the Middle East, to discuss the reception of the play, the role of satire in keeping politicians in check and the ethics of representing real people on stage.

Nabil toured the UK for four years starting in 1997 focusing on Arab Americans in the UK: Hello Arabs of London and Divided Hearts.

More information to follow.

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A British Romanian theatre company making work that investigates societal inequalities & confronts institutional & normalised violences. Pivotal to our work are close collaborations with activists & academics during field research, inclusion of communities in our process & emancipatory actions to enact lasting change.

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