Introducing JD Stokely, HowlRound Fellow!



We are thrilled to introduce the new HowlRound Fellow, JD Stokely! Stokely will be joining us in July, and will work closely with the rest of the HowlRound team to provide key support for all of our knowledge platforms, edit the journal, livestream events, and more. 

Stokely is a trickster-in-training who creates and curates performances around Queerness, nostalgia, the Black body, and home. Stokely has produced lectures, workshops and performances at venues such as: Sanctuary@HERE Arts Center (NYC, USA), Wilma Theatre (Philadelphia, USA), InterAct Theatre (Philadelphia, USA), Bishopsgate Institute (UK), 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning (UK), and ZLOMVAZ festival DAMU (Czech Republic). Stokely most recently received a Small But Mighty Arts grant for their curatorial work, and a Leeway Art and Change Grant to create and direct Mouth/Piece, a performative exploration of the Black feminine mouth as a site of trauma, heartbreak and resistance.  

Stokely is a founding member of SUPER|object, a Queer curatorial collective that serves as an arts incubator for emerging artists, and A Collective Apparition, a group of LGBTQ Black artists whose work is "rooted in the past, but poised on the crux of the present & future." 

Stokely received an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in 2014, and a BA from Hampshire College in 2011. They are also a 2016 graduate of the Arden Theatre Company's professional apprenticeship program. They are a karaoke enthusiast, an astrology nerd, and a lover of gourmet ice cream.

Please join us in welcoming Stokely!

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Congratulations! Best wishes for a successful journey with a publication that is invaluable in facilitating conversation about theatre.