Now Hiring for the Next LTC Producer

The Steering Committee of the Latinx Theatre Commons (LTC) is excited to announce our search for the next LTC Producer. The LTC Producer is a freelance, remote position that facilitates and manages the LTC’s activities under the guidance of a national volunteer Steering Committee, working closely with HowlRound staff. If you are invested in commons-based organizational models, Latinx theatre artists, and the mission of the Latinx Theatre Commons—to transform the narrative of the American theatre, to amplify the visibility of Latinx performance making and to champion equity through advocacy, art making, convening and scholarship—please apply.

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We're looking for a creative thought partner and adaptive people organizer, who can manage and lead a wide range of stakeholders. The ideal candidate will have an in-depth understanding of race in the U.S. Latinx diaspora and the ongoing history of racism, colorism and anti-Blackness in the Americas.

The LTC Producer reports to the LTC Steering Committee (currently at twenty-eight volunteer members) and to HowlRound Director Jamie Gahlon. This is a twelve month contract, renewable for following years upon mutual agreement. Travel will be required when in-person programmatic activities resume.

The ideal candidate for this position shares and is excited by our values of:

  • Service
  • Radical Inclusion
  • Transparency
  • Legacy and Leadership Cultivation
  • Advancement of the Art Form

See below to read the full job description (or download it here) and instructions on how to apply. We will accept applications now through 14 April 2021. We strongly encourage people of all backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and education levels to apply!

LTC Producer

Call for Applications
For more information, email:
Release Date: Monday 15 March

What is the Latinx Theatre Commons (LTC)?

The Latinx Theatre Commons (LTC) is a national movement that uses a commons-based approach to transform the narrative of the American theatre, to amplify the visibility of Latinx performance making, and to champion equity through advocacy, art making, convening, and scholarship. The LTC is a flagship program of HowlRound Theatre Commons, located in the Office of the Arts at Emerson College in Boston, MA.

How the LTC Works

The LTC is composed of a volunteer Steering Committee that donates their time, knowledge, and skills in service to the mission of advancing the state of Latinx theatre and theatre-making in the United States via regular organizing and subcommittee meetings, and an Advisory Committee who provides as-needed guidance and support when required. The Steering Committee meets once per month, and all participate in at least one of the subcommittees that meet at regular intervals, supported by the Producer. Decisions are made by consensus. The LTC defines “consensus” not as everyone agreeing on everything, but that folx instead agree to move forward, based on a set of common values (above). The bulk of the work of the LTC happens in subcommittees of 6-10 people who are working on specific projects or issue areas. Each subcommittee or project has a champion or co-champions, who are Steering Committee members leading that group and animating the vision for its work. A core value of the LTC is transparency, and the Producer has a huge hand in making sure all parties are aware of LTC activities and updates at all times.

Where the LTC is in 2021

In 2021 the LTC finds itself in a moment of extended self-reflection, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and a deepening awareness and responsibility for the recurrences of anti-Blackness and anti-Indigeneity in its programming. Throughout the Winter and Spring 2021 the LTC Steering Committee and Advisory Committee attended a series of Combating Anti-Blackness trainings (Learning and Unpacking Our Latinx Identities through Unconscious Bias, Unpacking the History of Colorism and Exploring How it Shows Up in Our Work, Taking Action: How We Center Blackness in Latinx Stories) and is currently in ongoing discussion aimed at centering these learnings and activating them in practice throughout all the work of the LTC.

Stepping into the role of LTC Producer in summer 2021 is an exciting opportunity to continue imagining and visioning the next iteration of the LTC as we transition into its next phase of programming, the plans for which are outlined here. The LTC is currently in a Steering Committee wide retreat, during which public programming has been paused. This summer, the next phase of work will require rebooting and reinvigorating LTC subcommittees, working on anti-racist recruitment and expansion of the current Steering Committee and further operationalizing the LTC’s anti-racism work and commitment to radical inclusion within the Latinx theatre community. While the Producer role is outlined as follows, the role of the producer is open to change through collaboration with the Steering Committee. This is a unique opportunity for a motivated individual to shape the evolution of their own role as well as the LTC as a whole.

Job Description:

The LTC Producer stewards, organizes and facilitates the efforts of the LTC Steering Committee, the LTC Advisory Committee. This is a full-time, work-remote position. The LTC Producer reports to the Director of HowlRound and the LTC Steering Committee. Hours may vary month to month, and are dictated by subcommittees’ meeting schedules, deadlines set by the subcommittees and travel requirements. This position will require travel when convening in person is safe. Duties include:


  • Onboarding new Steering Committee members to LTC culture, commitments, and protocols and implementing structures for successful participation of all Steering Committee members
  • Working with Steering Committee project champions to move projects forward organically
  • Facilitating or co-facilitating meetings in partnership with champions
  • Scheduling full steering committee meetings and subcommittee meetings and creating and distributing agendas
  • Recording and disseminating notes and action items from all meetings, and implementing structures to update Steering Committee on all subcommittee actions


  • Line producing all LTC events in collaboration with project champions
  • Collaborating with local/national partners to produce events
  • Working with subcommittees to plan, program, and produce convening
  • Working with Emerson College Office of the Arts General Management and Finance staff to issue contracts, payments and reimbursements
  • Documenting all events via HowlRound Journal, TV and other outlets
  • Supporting outreach and invitation processes
  • Conducting participant communications and evaluation
  • Leading Steering Committee through post-event evaluation processes


  • In collaboration with committee members and project champion(s), identifying & raising financial resources necessary for LTC programming
  • Working with the Resource Generation subcommittee and Emerson College Office of the Arts Development staff to write, edit and submit grant applications
  • Completing all necessary reporting requirements related to the LTC’s grant agreements
  • Maintaining relationships with LTC’s funders
  • Creating & updating budgets for all projects across multiple fiscal years


  • Representing the LTC at weekly HowlRound team meeting
  • Checking in with the Director of HowlRound on a weekly basis
  • Representing the LTC, related content and documentation plans at weekly Editorial meetings
  • Attending events as needed to represent the LTC
  • When travel becomes safe again, travel to Boston 2x a year


  • Updating the LTC and related event webpages
  • Organizing translation for webpage copy and event copy
  • Working with the Communications subcommittee to administer the LTC social media accounts
  • Liaising as needed with HowlRound communications staff in managing LTC communications

Key Competencies include:

  • In-depth understanding of race, racism, colorism and anti-Blackness in the U.S. Latinx diaspora and across the Americas. Completion of People’s Institute for Survival & Beyond’s Undoing Racism® training, Radio Caña Negra’s AntiBlackness in the Latine Community or other comparable training aimed at undoing racism.
  • Programming, producing and event management experience
  • Demonstrated/leadership experience
  • Flexibility, creative problem solving and adaptability
  • Working knowledge of the U.S. not-for-profit theatre sector and/or experience in the U.S. not-for-profit sector.
  • Commitment to Latinx arts and culture
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Email, Office, Google Drive, social media, video conference proficiency
  • Ability to lead in a consensus-based model with strong facilitation skills
  • Project Management experience

Preferred Skills include:

  • Experience editing to a style guide
  • Language proficiency in any languages of the Americas including Spanish, Portuguese, Guaraní, Quechua and Nahuatl
  • Fundraising experience
  • Prior knowledge of the LTC and its work


  • Fee for services: $5,150 per month for twelve months ($61,800/year), renewable pending mutual agreement. Upon renewal, the LTC provides for cost of living increases.
  • This position is an independent contractor paid through Emerson College. Taxes are not withheld and Producer does not receive benefits through Emerson College.
  • The ideal candidate will demonstrate a willingness to travel often on behalf of the LTC and the ability to be present in the HowlRound office at least one week per quarter when convening in person is safe. The Producer’s travel for LTC programs and meetings is paid by the LTC.

How to Submit:

Please submit a cover letter (detailing your past leadership experience and interest in this role), a one to two page resume and two references to by 14 April 2021.

Hiring Timeline:

The incoming LTC Producer will begin 21 June 2021 and will train with the outgoing Producer until 30 June 2021. There is no required travel scheduled at this time.