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Request For Proposals: Podcasts Consultant

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What is HowlRound?
HowlRound is a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide that amplifies progressive, disruptive ideas about the art form and facilitates the connection between diverse practitioners. We envision a theatre field where resources and power are shared equitably in all directions, contributing to a more just and sustainable world.

We are a department situated in the Office of the Arts at Emerson College in Boston, MA. We are a small team, with a majority of our staff located in Boston, however, some of our consultants work remotely. We work together to produce, air, and publish content via HowlRound TV, HowlRound Convenings, and the HowlRound Journal. The HowlRound Journal includes essays and podcasts. We have noticed an increase in contributor-produced podcasts proposals over the last year. To accommodate this increase, we began publishing our podcasts through anchor.fm in April 2021, which has allowed us to track preliminary analytics to assess the impact and reach of HowlRound produced podcasts.

The Project
We are seeking an experienced podcast producer and/or creator to advise the HowlRound team on:

  • Supporting our podcasts producers to ensure content is reaching their targeted audience of theatremakers in accessible and engaging ways
  • Identifying best practices for producing and airing podcasts on HowlRound, and
  • Analyzing and interpreting podcasts analytics to suggest implementable strategies to ameliorate our podcast production

The consultant will report to Deen Rawlins-Harris, HowlRound Associate Producer, in order to fulfill the deliverables articulated in the agreed upon scope of work intended to help us address the following:

  • Assessing accurate demographics of current listenership, as well as total engagement of the podcasting platform overall
  • Establishing best practices for accepting, producing, and distributing podcasts, in alignment with our current values, accessibility practices, and feedback collected from current HowlRound Podcast producers
  • Suggesting ways forward to grow our podcasting platform, in alignment with our theory of change

Successful execution of the scope of work will result in the generation of action steps and recommendations that can be implemented by the HowlRound team by 1 July 2022. The fee for this consultant is $5,000 USD.

How to Apply
Please send a resume and scope of work to Deen Rawlins-Harris (deen@howlround.com). Your scope of work should include a description of your approach to project management, proposal, and timeline for your work with HowlRound. In the timeline, please begin work no later than 25 January 2022 and complete work by 15 April 2022. Additionally please include a bio of individual(s) working on the project or resume that highlights past experience in podcasts production for each team member.

Please direct all questions or requests for clarifications to Deen Rawlins-Harris at deen@howlround.com. All proposals are due via email to podcasts@howlround.com by 14 January 2022 for consideration. A decision will be made by 21 January 2022.