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Benjamin Barson

Benjamin Barson is a baritone saxophonist, award-winning composer, educator, and political activist. Barson’s compositions explore the historical Afro-diasporic, American Indigenous and Asian American roots of the jazz idiom.

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Tatiana Isabel Gil

Tatiana Isabel Gil is a Queer Latinx writer, dramaturg, and actor with a passion for new work development, art that moves people to take action, and decolonization as a form of healing and empowerment.

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lo bil

I am a second generation Canadian white queer performance artist, writer, and facilitator based in Tkaronto, Dish with One Spoon Territory a.k.a. Toronto, Canada. I work with concepts of service, labour, love, agency, immobility and decolonizing practice.

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Madeline Sayet

Madeline Sayet is a citizen of the Mohegan Tribe and the Executive Director of the Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program (YIPAP).

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Margaret Bridges

Margaret has had the privilege to work in arts education and advocacy for the last 10 years both nationally and internationally.

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Abhi Shrestha

Abhi Shrestha is a Chicago based director, movement dramaturge, and educator originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. Working at the intersections of decolonization and queer brown narratives, they are the Literary Manager and Director of Public Programming for

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Jax Gil

Jax (they/them) is a queer, Latinx silo-breaker, facilitator, and lover of transformative organizational development. Their driving purpose is to harness the power of collective consciousness for radical social change.

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Madeline Easley

Madeline Easley (pronouns: she/her) is a graduating senior at the University of Evansville pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Performance with a Minor in Creative Writing. She is a proud member of the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma.

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Rodrigo Fischer

Rodrigo Fischer is a Brazilian artist and professor who has been working in performing arts for over 20 years mainly as a theater director, multimedia artist, and light designer.

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Unsettling Dramaturgy

Unsettling is a response to the new permeability that has emerged within the theatre ecologies of so-called Canada and the United States to Crip and Indigenous ways of making. This colloquium will:

  • Provide a space for us to gather with our peers, across geography;

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Zuzka Sabata

Zuzka has directed community programs at Dell'Arte International for 10 years and she is also a faculty and company member.

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Viviana Vargas

Viviana Vargas, “Yura Sapi" (they/them), is an artist, activist, arts manager, educator, facilitator, and entrepreneur. After finishing two degrees in the performing arts and spending time in the “diversity and inclusion” field of the U.S.

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Claudia Alick

Claudia Alick is a performer, producer, and inclusion expert.