Seth Lepore

Seth Lepore is a performing artist, educator, and connector. He currently tours an audience-driven solo show, does a monthly observational satire show in his hometown of Easthampton, MA when he isn’t on the road, and teaches artists how to get their business chops in order through workshops, consultations, and group networking.

His crash course The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Performing Artist has been hosted by Springboard for the Arts, SIU Carbondale, Pierce College, Assets for Artists, The Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston and Easthampton City Arts+.

He is currently writing a book entitled Ruthless Reciprocity: A Living Document to Transform the Performing Arts Community. He is currently working with other grassroots artist-to-artist educators on innovative ways to disseminate practical, pragmatic and collective skill sharing. He is an advocate of flattening the hierarchy in the performing arts field through a network of shared data, open communication and artist-centric leadership.

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