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Comments Policy

The HowlRound Journal is a place for productive discourse, healthy debate, and shared learning. We love to see comments that add to the conversation, share knowledge and experience, and create connections among our community of commoners in the global theatre field—what we call “positive inquiry.” While we welcome institutional critique, the HowlRound Journal is not a place for personal insults or off-topic conversation, nor a space to adjudicate interpersonal dynamics or relationships. We ask that you show up as yourself in these comments—fake identities/profiles will not be tolerated.

We know some pieces will inspire disagreement, and that’s great! We welcome spirited, thoughtful, and on-topic dialogue—comments that focus on the debate, not the person. We trust our community to abide by these agreements when engaging with each other. All comments on this site are moderated by humans (the HowlRound staff behind the screens) and we will delete comments that we feel conflict with these standards.

If you have concerns or questions about content on HowlRound or if you spot an error, email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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