HowlRound is a condition—one that results in a howling noise when sound from a loudspeaker is fed back into a microphone. It’s an amplified feedback loop. 

This idea of a feedback loop represents the condition upon which HowlRound was born five years ago—as a place for artists to provide feedback, learning, expertise, frustration, and vision—in an effort to enliven the fields of theatre and performance to the aspiring and established artist alike.

From the beginning we decided to use the commons as our frame. This idea of a performance commons is new to many. It’s a simple idea really. A commons is a place to share the resources you have and take the resources you need. We believe that making art is more than a money game, that ticket sales for a live performance are just one piece of what it takes to claim success in our art form. Access and engagement are our highest values, and everyone, yes everyone, has something to contribute to the learning, the making, and the sharing of art.

All of our content comes from our community. We curate by saying yes. We curate by listening to you. And sometimes when it comes to written content we curate through a rigorous editing process done in conversation with you.

Other commons have emerged from the HowlRound commons. One of these is the Latina/o Theatre Commons that began as a result of a meeting convened by HowlRound and is now an ongoing collaboration. The work of the Latina/o Theatre Commons is integrated throughout our website and the content coming out of that commons can be found on the Café Onda page.

If you’re visiting the About Page for the first time, welcome! Visit our Participate Page to see how you can become involved, subscribe to receive our content in your inbox, or just send us an email and say hello. You are the commons. You are HowlRound. 

Our Commons

Meet the Team

The tagline on Lynette D’Amico’s resume is: “There are always more ideas.” A former ad writer, Lynette is a community gardener, who understands the importance of a creative brief and hopes you do too. She holds an MFA from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College and is the author of the novella Road Trip, published in 2015.

Karina Assad is a sleeper that dreams of acai bowls and flying yoga. She went to Emerson College where she studied crying in public (acting). She currently lives with her siblings in Koreatown Los Angeles and can't wait to help livestream your event!

P. Carl is a scholar, dreamer, tattoo aficionado, and lately swimming obsessed pool boy. Carl's most recent ink job is a large red-tailed hawk across his chest. He makes ravioli and pies from scratch, and is devoted to Lynette, Lenny, and Sonny.

David Dower is an infrastructure identifier and alignment specialist. A superstitious sports fan and former bartender of the year, he will make you a perfect cocktail if you cheer for his team the right way.


Jamie Gahlon is a doodler, a dabbler, a list maker, and a libra who shares her birthday with the Boss. She creates a mean budget and a meaner master schedule. She may have to borrow your dog or teacup pig.


Vijay Mathew is a culture producer, an idea cartographer, and father to an nine year old who wants to help people when he grows up. He has technology on his side and he knows how to use it. An aspiring vegan chef.

JD Stokely is a trickster-in-training who creates and curates performances around Queerness, nostalgia, the Black body, and home. Stokely is from Philadelphia by-way-of Boston. They are a karaoke enthusiast, an astrology nerd, and a lover of gourmet ice cream. 

Ramona Ostrowski is a dramaturg, a dreamer, and a reluctant Taylor Swift fan. She is a lover of old movies and new plays, fine cheese and cheap champagne. Ramona was raised in Connecticut, which has given her an affinity for rocky coastlines and chunky sweaters. 

Thea Rodgers is a theatre addict and wannabe astronaut who's streaming your station from nation to nation on the commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network. She talks a big game but when it comes down to it, you can probably beat her in Scrabble.

Abigail Vega is a wanderer with a plan, a military brat, and a beach baby with an iced coffee addiction. A former B-list celebrity child chef, she has a formidable seashell collection and isn't afraid to use it. In her youth she flunked out of Chinese language Kindergarten, but don't worry, it has all been uphill since then. She produces the Latinx Theatre Commons. 

Adriana Gaviria is a theatremaker, grammar geek, and voice-over artist who dreams of building dulce de leche bridges connecting people through the arts. She is a lover of nature, hot chocolate, laughter, true love, and warm rays of sunshine. A peripatetic artist who also embraces stillness and stability, she hopes to blend both her artistic and business minds into a creative moneymaking slurpee. 

Travis Amiel is an investigator and questioner, an alchemist and a cookie-enthusiast. Nearly a reality-TV star and once featured on America's Funniest Home Videos, He was raised an hour north of New York City and now studies theatre at Emerson College. Current career goal: celebrity dramaturg.

Carolina Gonzalez is a fan of foreign films and french fries. Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, she tries her best to endure Boston's cold weather. She is currently studying film production in Emerson College, and one of her many aspirations include teaching the HowlRound team fluent Spanish.

Mary Frances Noser is a traveler, journal writer, avid conversationalist, dance break taker and general life enthusiast. A native of Nashville, she hails from a family with a propensity for stories, which is probably how she ended up studying acting. She is a current acting student at Emerson College, and along with living and working in London, sailing around the world is on her bucket list.  

To contact the team, click here.

National Advisory Council

The following members of HowlRound's national advisory council served as a brain trust and helped guide our strategy from 2012-2017: