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  • New Orleans and The DISTILLERY: Creative Visibility Emilie Whelan
    The DISTILLERY is a creative residency for mid-career New Orleans-based performing artists to utilize while they are crafting a new performance. The DISTILLERY values local and national mentorship, consistent roundtable critical discussions amongst its four participating fellows, documentation of artistic processes, and audience engagement.
  • Celebrating the Audience: Approaches to Participatory Performance Josh Sobel
    The onus is on the artist to create an atmosphere and scenario for an audience to be open to an interactive experience, and to understand the techniques and considerations necessary to successfully engage with patrons. After all, the audience is placing their individual and collective trust in you, the artist(s), as soon as they enter the theater.

NewCritcriticism & analysis

  • Race, Gender, Sex, and Rights Pulse Through DC’s One-Minute Festival Patricia Davis
    The festival at Roundhouse unfolded as a kind of discourse on life in metro DC. Artistic director Dominic D’Andrea, who founded the OMPF in New York, noted as he introduced the Washington festival, that common themes, ideas, and styles emerge, giving us a barometer reading of who we are as a community, and where we might be going.
  • Chosen Family: A Festival of Plays, for Pride Week in Boston Allison Vanouse
    Connecting experimental drama, drag, the claimed ancestry of the French symbolists, Pride week in Boston’s South End: none of this was coincidental or exploitative marketing on Meehan’s part. Her decisions were principled and formal—truly based on a wrestle with ideas, and not cosmetically celebratory.

Blognews, trends, insights

  • Friday Phone Call # 68: Catalyst gathering at the National Black Theatre David Dower
    Today I talk with three people involved in the Catalyst gathering at the National Black Theatre: Jonathan McCrory, Sade Lithcott, and Deadria Harrington. Evolving out of a series Jonathan curated on HowlRound about the state of Black Theater, this is an exciting gathering that will have a HowlRound TV livestreaming session on Thursday, August 7 at 6:30pm EDT. These guys talk us through the specifics of the convening and then wade into some big ideas with me: about legacy, about agency, about the integration of institutional mission and personal growth. We go long here, but it was so rich I didn't want to hang up.
  • Parenting and Playwriting: Gotta Dance Catherine Trieschmann
    Nothing stirs my blood quite like the soft knock of toe shoes on a wood floor during a piqué. And so I admit, I may have exhibited a little too much enthusiasm when Laura, four, expressed a passing interest in taking a ballet class this summer.

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