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  • Boston Theater Board Leaders Forum Joan Lancourt
    Having been an executive coach in a Kennedy School Executive Development program, I had found the Chait, Ryan and Taylor "Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards" model to be a useful way for boards to become more proactive partners in leading their organizations. Deeper board and staff conversations about: purpose vision and business models; building stronger relationships with communities; legislative advocacy for the arts; and new forms of collaborations among and between theaters, all point to the need for an expanded role for theater boards based on genuinely strategic thinking.
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Writing a Musical: A Conversation with Carson Kreitzer and Matt Gould Polly Carl, Carson Kreitzer, Matt Gould
    Recently, I spent two days in a convening learning, among other things, about the partnership between Carson Kreitzer and Matt Gould. I was enchanted by their collaborative energy and I thought their discussion of what it takes to make a new musical these days was pretty instructive. Carson and Matt kindly took some time to talk with me about their new musical, Lempicka, and what it takes to get made.

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  • Citizen Theater: Anne Hamburger on Basetrack Live Bertie Ferdman
    I made the show to bring people who have served together with people who know nothing about war, beyond what they read in the papers. What we wanted to do with "Basetrack Live" is not focus on the people who lost limbs necessarily, but who had lost peace.
  • Mu Performing Arts' Lost and Found Middle Brother Chris Garza
    The night I saw the show, members of Gazillion Voices, a magazine for adoptees, were also in attendance. At the talk back, a Korean adoptee in the audience revealed, "I didn’t want to come tonight because this is such a close issue to my heart. I didn’t want to sit in an audience with non-Korean adoptees who might laugh at something that is so personal and painful to me."

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  • Creating Cultures: Double Edge on University Campuses Matthew Glassman
    What we really needed—and received—was a place to develop an unfinished work in a professional touring locale with Chicago audiences, and to prototype a student chorus that would be trained to perform in the work. Simultaneously Columbia College had the Double Edge ensemble embedded in its department for nearly a month. Acting students had daily access to training. Directors, playwrights, and actors could observe rehearsal and process regularly.
  • Livestreaming panel: Emerging Writers and Harold Pinter’s Legacy: A Conversation—Fri, Oct 31 HowlRound TV
    Theater Emory, the professional producing organization of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, presents a panel discussion on Harold Pinter in conversation with contemporary artists as a part of their semester-long celebration of the playwright’s work. This panel will livestream on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Friday, October 31 at 20:00 GMT (London) / 4pm EDT (Toronto) / 3pm CDT (Austin) / 1pm PDT (Vancouver). In Twitter, use #newplay to chat.

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