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  • An Interview with 7 Fingers’ Gypsy Snider and Shana Carroll Polly Carl, Gypsy Snider, Shana Carroll
    When I was eighteen and deciding to do circus, I was involved in a form where you take a risk on a daily basis. I became a trapeze artist. I think that when you take a risk in one corner of your life, it transfers over and makes you more courageous in the rest of your life. … I think that as a spectator to be able to watch something that is choreographic and beautiful and to be transported to a place where you see someone risking their lives in order to do it, and the stakes are that high, it produces an emotional response you can’t achieve in other forms.
  • My Aristotle, My Las Vegas Brighde Mullins
    There were two modes of preparation for a soiled soul: one was to go to a sporting event and, by rooting for an athlete, profound and cleansing emotions would be activated. The other option was to go to the theater, and, in passionate sympathetic contemplation, witness a story, a tragic turn of events, to identify, to empathize and to walk away purified. To create both holy terror and whole receptivity, then, was at the root of the [theatrical] experience.

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  • Boxing from the Inside: Brett Neveu and the Magnetic Presence of the Ring Martha Steketee
    He fought two guys; beat the crap out of them. And I looked around, and everybody had just stopped training.. And I thought: oh, my god, this is the show. There’s that magnetic presence of the ring.
  • When Avenue Q Goes Local: Racism and the Production of Plays that Joke about Race Stephen Quigley
    After the play, I raised this question to my theater companions, and all tried to explain to me the obvious humor behind the song. I nodded my head…yes…I get it. Of course I get it, but in certain contexts jokes lose their humor, and from my vantage point, I again had to ask myself what exactly was funny about that song being sung in historically racist Greenville, South Carolina?

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  • Cafesito: Duking it out with a Southwest Troupe Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin, Amelia Ampuero
    Albuquerque, New Mexico: We have a varied company, and we’re always looking to put on kick ass plays. It’s pretty cool that we have a company where any of our actresses could play Hamlet. And not like, “Female Hamlet”, but you know, Hamlet. Or where people of different races play siblings, without comment or explanation, and our audiences don’t bat an eye.
  • Livestreaming Forum on Canadian Theatre hosted by The National Theatre School of Canada—#CdnCult—Sat, Oct 4 HowlRound TV
    The National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal and the Spider Web Show present "From Where I Stand, A Forum of Perspectives on Canadian Theatre" livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Saturday, October 4 at 10am-1pm EDT (Montreal) / 8am-11am MDT (Calgary) / 7am-10am PDT (Vancouver) / 14:00 GMT / 3pm BST (London, UK). Taking place in Montreal, this is a forum designed to reflect on Canadian theatre through the eyes of current practitioners. Join an interactive discussion about Canada’s theatrical landscape bringing together professionals with diverse generational and stylistic backgrounds. In Twitter, use hashtag #CdnCult to participate in online conversation. Additionally, follow @HowlRoundTV and hashtag #newplay.

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