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  • An Interview with Abhishek Majumdar and Gopal Datt Abhishek Majumdar, Gopal Datt, Steve Ginsburg
    We are very privileged and we can afford to have these conversations, but most of India cannot. There is no reason why they should have these philosophical questions because their philosophical question is there in the temple, in the mosque. It is there in the stories of the Ramayana, the Mahabarata, in the stories of Amir Hamza or Prophet Mohammad. It’s all there so they don't have to replace that religion with the religion of the theater.
  • Interview with PigPen Theatre Company members Ryan Melia, Arya Shahi, and Matt Nurenberger Ryan Melia, Arya Shahi, Matt Nuernberger, Corey Ruzicano
    A lot of people ask us “how?” when they see our shows. How did you do it, how did you do all of that? How did you write the music? How did it all come together? Because everyone does say go out and create your own work, which is what we’re doing. And we’re so proud to be inspirational to certain artists because of it. But the number one thing, as a writer, as someone who has to create something out of nothing, is to not be afraid to be really, really bad for a while.

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  • Empathy for our (often) Ridiculous Culture: Gob Squad’s Western Society Cory Hinkle
    "Western Society," in some senses, models our online world—there are screens within screens, videos within videos, and stories within stories. Watching the show is like reading a beautiful piece of literature stuffed within a cat video wrapped in gold lamé. But what makes this show incredible is that Gob Squad finds the heart in all of it—it’s emotional, it’s strange, and it’s a show that cares about all of our lives.
  • Your Problem with Men? It's You, Not Him: A Teatro Luna Comedy Vickie Vértiz
    Wearing little more than a white tank top and tiny white shorts in her mother's dressing room, Asún (Abigail Vega) bemoans her engagement. Her fiancée Juan (Tommy Rivera-Vega) didn't pop the question the way she had dreamed. In fact, Juan didn't pop the question at all—in a fit of desperation over her disappearing eggs, Asún hastily proposed. She doesn't tell us about her dream proposal, only that what she got was all wrong. This becomes a central question... What kind of love will make you happy? As Asún might say, “I don't know. Just not this one.”

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  • Devising The Environment: Mixing Science and Theater In The Classroom Stephen Spotswood
    The class is split almost right down the middle between theater majors and environmental studies students, with a few crossovers. That first day we have a much more immediate question to answer: Did this mix of drama and science students have the capacity to merge together into the ersatz devising company we needed them to be? Would they be open-minded, generous, and willing to play? If not, the entire semester would be an uphill process.
  • Livestreaming Panel Discussion of Erik Ehn's Maria Kizito from the first annual Kampala International Theatre Festival, Uganda—Sun, Nov 30 HowlRound TV
    Artists involved in the international production of Erik Ehn's "Maria Kizito" will take part in a panel discussion at the first annual Kampala International Theatre Festival. This groundbreaking festival is a joint production of Bayimba Cultural Foundation and Sundance Institute East Africa. This event will livestream on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Sunday, November 30 at 9:30am EST (New York) / 14:30 GMT (London) / 17:30 EAT (Kampala). In Twitter, use #newplay, #KITF2014, and follow @HowlRoundTV.

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