Journalin-depth stories

  • New Orleans and The DISTILLERY: Creative Visibility Emilie Whelan
    The DISTILLERY is a creative residency for mid-career New Orleans-based performing artists to utilize while they are crafting a new performance. The DISTILLERY values local and national mentorship, consistent roundtable critical discussions amongst its four participating fellows, documentation of artistic processes, and audience engagement.
  • Celebrating the Audience: Approaches to Participatory Performance Josh Sobel
    The onus is on the artist to create an atmosphere and scenario for an audience to be open to an interactive experience, and to understand the techniques and considerations necessary to successfully engage with patrons. After all, the audience is placing their individual and collective trust in you, the artist(s), as soon as they enter the theater.

NewCritcriticism & analysis

  • Chosen Family: A Festival of Plays, for Pride Week in Boston Allison Vanouse
    Connecting experimental drama, drag, the claimed ancestry of the French symbolists, Pride week in Boston’s South End: none of this was coincidental or exploitative marketing on Meehan’s part. Her decisions were principled and formal—truly based on a wrestle with ideas, and not cosmetically celebratory.
  • end of play/7: Gender Stereotypes and Their Subversion Alice Stanley
    The humorous satire on masculinity is just one stop on the wild ride of gender exploration, narcissism, and longing in Chris Danowski’s "end of play/7".

Blognews, trends, insights

  • Livestreaming The 2nd Annual Philadelphia One-Minute Play Festival—Sun, Aug 3 HowlRound TV
    The One-Minute Play Festival & InterAct Theatre Company present The Second Philadelphia One-Minute Play Festival livestreaming on the global, peer produced, open source HowlRound TV channel at on Sunday, August 3 at 5pm PDT (San Francisco) / 7pm CDT (Chicago) / 8pm EDT (Philadelphia).
  • Beyond Victims and Villains: From Ethnography to the Stage Pardis Mahdavi
    I had become exhausted from fighting the trafficking fights... The result has been policies that do more harm than good, and wide scale media misrepresentations of the problem. Those of us doing the actual on the ground fieldwork—talking to survivors, working with people who have experienced the harrowing challenges of exploitation—have been writing against the wave.

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