Journalin-depth stories

  • Collective Growth: Reports from the Continuum of a Playwright’s Collective Theater Trista Baldwin
    There is no one producer. There is no one managing director. There is no Boss of Us. There is no shoulder to cry on. …Workhaus Collective has changed arms and legs, losing playwright-members and gaining new ones, all while keeping the collective heart beating and eyes focused on the same goal: to produce each other’s plays for the good of playwriting and the good of the audience.
  • The World Wide Theater at Our Fingertips DCW3, Alex Ates
    The internet is the place where people everywhere can go to for information and watch art unfold in front of them. However, unlike Shakespeare’s Globe, there are no groundlings on the internet; all audiences have the same seat and the same opportunity. Your only admission ticket is a common internet connection.

NewCritcriticism & analysis

  • Theater as Necessity: The 29th International Hispanic Theater Festival of Miami Teresa Marrero
    Latin Americans bring a wider breadth of theater-going experiences than we are used to in the U.S. Latin American theater does not terminate at some artificial geographic border; Hispanic (Spanish-language dominant) and Latina/o (English-language dominant) works are transnationally cross-fed in content, form, and affect in a south to north axis.
  • The Scottish Independence Debate at the Edinburgh Festival Talya Kingston
    As a visitor at the Edinburgh Fringe, I wondered: how do you tell a story when you don’t yet know the ending? How could, and would, this dramatic moment be represented on stage, and how might the vision of artists inform the debates of a society approaching a crossroads?

Blognews, trends, insights

  • Dreaming the Body in Exile: Reinaldo Arenas’ Persecución Eric Mayer-García
    “Dreaming in Cuban” is dedicated to performance as a way to evoke, remember, feel, create, long for, and traverse Cuba. The discussion in the blog series that follows on Cuban theater and performance includes new research on contemporary, historical, ritual, and experimental performance based in Havana and Miami.
  • Playwrights, Rewrites, Multiple Productions: Bakersfield Mist Stephen Sachs
    I remember very clearly when it suddenly hit me—that I could see it and experience it for myself—that the play would have a future life. And that happened because I was able to take part in and see three productions of my play, one after another, in different cities with different audiences, and be part of the reaction.

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