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For the past two afternoons, the HowlRound office has erupted into a truly raucous lab attempting to communicate concepts such as "knowledge commons" and "community sourcing" through one-take short videos made on FlipCams. We have a couple of guests, Jason King Jones and Laley Lippard, hanging out with us for a few weeks so we thought we should put them into the mix of helping us think through some of these concepts.

These videos—and there will be one per day for the next week or two—are communication experiments to help us get other perspectives for understanding these big concepts in different ways. In both these videos, the end is some kind of transformation that can't be predicted. Aggregation or resource-pooling is a knowledge commons activity that has unforeseen and beneficial effects on everything that's participating, or on everyone that's opting-in.
“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.” -R. Buckminster Fuller (US engineer and architect, 1895-1983)