Austin's Hidden Room Theatre, Brisbane, Australia's Anywhere Festival in partnership with #NEWPLAY TV invite you to enjoy a backstage sneak peek of the very first transatlantic rehearsal of Rose Rage. Simply click here to be whisked to a split screen of rehearsal originating from London and from Austin. Watch the Shakespeare sparks fly between actors who are working together for the first time. Then, stick around for a chat where the artistic team elaborates on the pitfalls and benefits of international collaboration—online and off. Use the Twitter hashtag #RoseRage to tweet your questions and say hello to the artists, and to your fellow worldwide viewers. Rose Rage, Edward Hall and Roger Warren’s thrilling adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry VI trilogy marks the inauguration of the Hidden Room’s Foreign Actor Exchange Program. Actors from the UK rehearse with actors in Austin via video teleconferencing before traveling to Texas to complete the international team.

The Hidden Room is taking an Original Practices approach to Rose Rage, employing period costumes, live musicians on period instruments, an all-male cast, and a bawdy, muscular delivery. Their last Original Practices Shakespeare production was honored with Austin Critic’s Table awards for Best Production of a Comedy, Best Leading Actor, and Best Director.

To watch, tune in on Tuesday, May 15 at 9am CDT (Austin, Texas) / 10am EDT (New York) / 2pm GMT / 3pm (London) / 4pm (Berlin) / 12am Wednesday, May 16 (Brisbane) or calculate your own timezone here.


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