We are a knowledge commons that's produced by and for you! We're looking for contributors who are deeply invested in and committed to the theatre field. You could be a current student or a seasoned professional, but if you're actively involved in theatre, we'll be thrilled to hear from you.


We're looking for pieces about:

  • Theatre commoning (resources managed and produced with generosity and abundance, community and collaboration)
  • Ideas and practices that challenge—and seek to revolutionize—the status quo
  • Lesser-known or marginalized aesthetics, or new forms of theatre practice
  • Equity, inclusivity, and accessibility for underrepresented theatre communities and practices
  • Theatre practice, process, and relevant issues in a specific geographic location that are meaningful and relevant to others around the world.

We do not publish personal attacks, promotional material, or material that has been previously published.

Our team of editors work with all writers to edit pieces for style and content.

We pay an honorarium of $150 to each author. Knowing that many people do not have enough free time to volunteer their perspectives and experience to benefit the overall theatre community, we fundraise to compensate you for the time it entails to make this essay contribution to the commons.

Most of the essays we publish are single-authored pieces on a broad topic, but not all.

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HowlRound regularly publishes weeklong series on a particular topic. Curating a series is a big commitment that usually requires at least three to four months of work. We pay curators $250 USD once the series is running, and we pay contributors at the standard rate. Learn more about the requirements and parameters for curators.

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HowlRound TV’s arts, culture, and theatre programming is entirely produced by the global community that it serves. We provide in-depth technical support, training, and help to get the word out if what you are proposing aligns with and helps to fulfill HowlRound's mission and values.

Do you have a technical / producing question that isn’t answered in this livestream guide? Contact for more information.

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We have hosted hundreds of conversations on Twitter via #howlround and, previously, via #newplay. Moderators and topics come from the worldwide theatre community. Upcoming chats are announced as events, and can be joined simply by tweeting with #howlround during the hour-long chats.

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The World Theatre Map is a user-generated directory of the world’s theatre community and its artistic work that’s entirely community-sourced and editable by anyone. Visit and add to the map here in English, Spanish, or French!

The World Theatre Map offers the opportunity to make visible and amplify information that can change our understanding of the global theatre field and its narratives that impact our artistic cultures. We are looking for proposals from you to map:

  • Underrepresented and isolated theatre communities, organizations, and work—geographically, culturally, or economically
  • Practices, people, organizations, and works that challenge—and seek to revolutionize—the status quo
  • Lesser-known or marginalized aesthetics, or new forms of theatre practice
  • Communities engaged in theatre commoning, or community-wide sharing of resources

In addition to mapping, we are also interested in your ideas about how this information can be applied to and intersect with HowlRound’s other projects such as essays, podcasts, livestreams, and Twitter chats, or how you can organize people for in-person gatherings or via video chats. We are looking for ways for how you can bring meaning and analysis to the World Theatre Map information.

Some examples of World Theatre Map proposals:

  • I propose to add Aboriginal/Indigenous theatre artists, shows, festivals, and organizations from Australia to the World Theatre Map’s database. Once mapped, I plan write to write an essay or conduct an interview with members of these communities.
  • I propose to add women designers from African countries and organize a public video chat where I interview them about their work and careers.
  • I propose to add theatremakers or organizations involved in solidarity economy, commoning, and resource sharing in Seoul, South Korea. I will then write an essay about this community. My hope would to be to then discover and map other cities and communities that share similar practices. 

Honorariums for your work on the World Theatre Map are available on a case by case basis, to be determined upon conversation with HowlRound staff.



If you have created a list of your favorite HowlRound Theatre Commons essays or videos, or if you have created a list with a specific theme or subject matter—such as a classroom syllabus or reading list—and you would like this list to be featured on the homepage, let us know!

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Interested in podcasts? We welcome pitches for original series or stand-alone episodes to be published on HowlRound. If you have an idea for a theme or topic you want to explore, or people you want to interview, get in touch! 

Unlike journal articles, which we edit in-house, we don’t have the resources to help with podcast recording or editing. While we’re happy to share as much information as we can about the tech side of podcast producing, as the producer, you would have full responsibility for the content and quality. For each episode, you would send us a final audio file, which we would transcribe so the content is fully accessible and then distribute to our channels.

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Want to propose something that isn't on this list? Go ahead—we love new ideas! 

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All comments on the site are moderated. Most comments will be posted if they are on topic and not personal attacks, but moderating decisions are subjective. Because of the volume of reader comments, we cannot review individual moderation decisions with readers and generally cannot alter a comment once it is posted. We will delete an offensive posting. We have limited tolerance for trolling and baiting, incoherence, and shouting. We seek to create a conversation that is an invitation to real and positive inquiry in a community of shared learning. If you post comments that consistently violate the spirit of this policy, we reserve the right to ban you from the comments section.