HowlRound LogoWhen we started HowlRound a couple of years ago we intentionally avoided reviewing plays. We didn’t want theater artists to wake up in the morning to a bad review. And two years later, we still don’t want to review plays. But we do want to foster more in-depth dialogue about the work on stage. We want to bring the art of criticism to HowlRound—to more regularly talk about the art and foster a space for respectful dialogue about what gets produced and why. We hope in the process to contribute to the ongoing conversation about the role of criticism in our profession and elevate the value of that thing we work so hard to make. This is a pilot initiative and a learning opportunity for us. We will launch this initiative in a very limited way beginning in six cities—Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, and San Francisco—with a handful of articles each month.

We will work closely with our critics to cultivate a HowlRound voice that engages the work on stage through positive inquiry asking: Why this play, playwright, or story now? This criticism will not be aimed at ticket sales. In fact it’s unlikely that articles will be published during the run of the show—our hope is to deepen conversation around the work and emphasize its importance above and beyond the market value of the ticket. This is a call for HowlRound NewCrit Critics. HNCC’s reside in the city where they review. They love theater and are committed to its ongoing vitality. They commit to writing one or two articles for HowlRound each month and are paid $100 for each contribution. They agree to work closely with the HowlRound editorial staff and embrace the values of the journal with an emphasis on positive inquiry and rigorous thinking. If you live in one of the six cities listed and are interested in applying please send the following:

  1. A 500-750 word statement that reflects your views on theater criticism and your interest in the position.
  2. A Resume.
  3. A published writing sample that demonstrates your ability to think critically about theater.

Send your application to by Friday, February 15, 2013.

***Editer's Note: The New Crit section is now open to everyone! If you'd like to write for New Crit, please submit your pitch through this form. For more info, check out the Participate page.***