Support from our community allows us to keep all our programs 100% free and open, and enables us to compensate our contributors. Thank you to all who make our work possible this fiscal year!


Ann Armstrong, Barbara Schaffer Bacon, Debbie Banos, Trevor Boffone*, Amber Bradshaw, Sarah Brookner, P. Carl, Juliette Carrillo*, Mariana Castro, Anthony Clarvoe, Joy Vandervort Cobb, Migdalia Cruz*, Mary L. D'Amico, Mary Madge Darlington, Robert Darvall, Adrienne Dawes*, Courtney Davis, Katherine M Drexel, Olga Garay-English, Mikhail Fiksel, Jamie Gahlon, Lorenzo Garcia*, Matthew Glassman, Franky Gonzalez, Rachel Grossman, Brian Herrera*, Mara Isaacs, Daniel Jáquez*, Margot Knight, Andrea Kovich, Laura Lane, Stefanie Lau, Todd London*, Gail Lopes, Abél Lopez*, Aleta Mascorro, Laurie McCants, Christina Moore, Juan Ocasio, Amelia Powell*, Peter B. Prestley, Marissa Chibas Preston*, Diane Ragsdale, Nina Rapi, Donna L. Robinson, Chantal Rodriguez*, Stephen Rupsch, Olga Sanchez Saltveit*, Audrey M. Seraphin, Nick Slie, Devon Smith, Laszlo Szabo, Tureka Turk, Rebecca Udden, Viviana Vargas*, Teresa Coleman Wash, Elyzabeth Wilder, E. San San Wong, Benjamin Yalom

*indicates Latinx Theatre Commons donor

In addition, our work is made possible by generous support from:

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Barr Foundation, The Chicago Community Trust, The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The Field Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts