Matthew Clinton Sekellick

Matthew Clinton Sekellick is an interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Troy, NY. Matthew often creates work in and about theatre and performance: plays, performances, installations, interventions, videos, and essays. His writing has appeared in Jacobin and Peach Mag, among others. He has performed from Montreal to Michoacán, directed for Hudson Valley Community College and Buffalo’s Torn Space Theater, and acted with the New York State Theater Institute and Saratoga Shakespeare Company. He holds an MA from the University at Buffalo, a BA from Purchase College, and has trained with SITI Company. His work can be seen at

Clinton Sekellick


  • Against Entrepreneurship
    Matthew Sekellick argues that identifying as entrepreneurs is not merely a survival strategy, but a false consciousness that alienates us further from our fellow artists and artisans. As theater artists, what we have to do is … imagine a world outside the confines of the present: a world beyond the horizon of entrepreneurship.

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