Tiffany Antone

Tiffany Antone is a playwright and professor, who also finds time to produce and direct new and innovative works. Her plays have been read/produced in NY, CA, LA, DC, MN, and AZ, and she is the creative mind behind Little Black Dress INK - a female playwright producing organization.  She also runs Protest Plays Project and has produced a number of community-centered theater events in support of a more service-driven theater model.  If you’d like to read more about Tiffany, you can do so at 



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  • The Protest Plays Project: Putting Plays to Work in the Resistance
    Tiffany Antone announces her new initiative: the Protest Plays Project.
  • We’re Not Playing: A Theatrical Protest Initiative
    Playwright Tiffany Antone discusses Little Black Dress INK’s “We’re Not Playing” initiative, advocating the need for theatrical protest for social change.
  • Increasing Playwright Engagement Through Peer Review—Part Three
    Throughout the ONSTAGE journey, we’ve been doing our best to promote each playwright and connect them with the people coming in contact with their work at every stage, be it other playwrights, partner producers, the directors, the actors, or the audience—each and every person coming in contact with these plays has been given tools to help them find out more about the playwrights and learn how to connect with these writers through our project.
  • Increasing Playwright Engagement Through Peer Review—Part Two
    How many playwrights have been told to self-produce? It seems like the go-to response anytime someone expresses frustration with the current system of “Development.” It sounds enticing, and the idea definitely feeds the angsty rebellion residing within… But let’s be honest: very few playwrights have access to the resources necessary to mount a full production of their work.