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When we think of Irish theatre, we tend to think primarily of playwrights and theatre companies from the Republic of Ireland, not northern part of the island. Those Northern Irish playwrights we do know, such as Brian Friel, tend to be men. Fiona Coffey’s new book, Political Acts: Women in Northern Irish Theatre, 1921-2012, challenges these preconceptions, exploring how female playwrights and theatre practitioners have navigated the difficult political and social landscape of Northern Ireland.

vintage event poster
 Poster for the Charabanc Theatre Company's Oul' Delf and False Teeth, 1984. 


  • Learn more about Fiona’s book, Political Acts.
  • Explore the Linen Hall Library’s Digital Theatre Archive, “the primary source of theatrical material from Northern Ireland.”
  • Find out more about how theatre responded to The Troubles from the Troubles Archive.
  • Read some of Fiona’s research on figures and companies from Northern Irish theatre, such as Shannon Yee and DubbelJoint Theatre Company.

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