The characters and events of ancient Greek drama might seem remote from our present-day concerns, but Bryan Doerries and Theater of War Productions don’t see it that way. Since 2009, this company has used readings from classical theatre to tackle issues from post-traumatic stress disorder to the community impact of gun violence. Now Bryan’s a New York City Public Artist in Residence, working with  city agencies to stage over 60 events all across the city. He joined us to discuss Theater of War’s work and the continuing relevance of ancient drama.

Theater of War Productions stages Antigone in Ferguson in Brownsville, 2017. Photo via Gregg Richards/Brooklyn Public Library.


  • Learn more about Theater of War Productions at their website.
  • To find out more about Bryan and Theater of War Productions’ work with New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Department of Veterans Services, visit their Artist in Residence website.

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