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  • Natasha Lee Martin Discusses Synesthesia Marcina Zaccaria

    Dreams on the open sea are part of a larger narrative as Natasha Lee Martin, an actress, director, and teacher, performs in Confessions of a Synesthetic Sailor at TheaterLab in New York City.

  • Happy Accidents, Competition, and the Best Idea Wins: Prayers of Halley Feiffer Martha Steketee

    Martha Steketee explores the development and evolution of I'm Gonna Pray for You So Hard with playwright Halley Feiffer. The play spans five years and two opening nights, features substance abuse, plenty of familial debate, and one attempt at reconciliation.

  • The Long Shadow of Marble Busts Patrick Gaughan

    Brett Bailey’s Exhibit B poses actors in tableau vivants that nod to 19th century human zoos, and Southwest African concentration camps. Patrick Gaughan charts the controversy around the show and his own experience of it. 

  • The Man Behind Scena Theatre: Robert McNamara Patricia Davis

    Scena Theatre is small but ambitious, and in spite of its relatively low profile, it has thrived in Washington for twenty-seven years.  Founding artistic director Robert McNamara is tenaciously committed to bringing new work from around the world to D.C. audiences.

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