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  • Theatre History Podcast # 6: Diversifying the Classics with Barbara Fuchs Michael Lueger

    Michael Lueger and Barbara Fuchs discuss the plays written during Spain’s theatrical Golden Age, and Barbara’s Diversifying the Classic project, which aims to bring them back into prominence for English-speaking audiences.

  • Staging Local, Staying Small Kyna Hamill, Brianna Randolph

    Kyna Hamill and Brianna Randolph discuss crafting Letters to Medford, a theatre performance by Two Roads Performance Projects. 

  • The Teachings of Treefall Stephanie Kerley Schwartz

    Scenic Designer Stephanie Kerley Schwartz shares her process for designing Henry Murray’s Treefall, which inspired her to work on HeatWave, a project connecting environmentalists and theatre artists.

  • The ATC Youth Ensemble Deconstructs This Beautiful City Neal Reynolds

    Neal Reynolds writes on the power of This Beautiful City, performed by high school students at American Theater Company.