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  • Where is the Union for Arts Admin Workers? Thom Dunn

    Thom Dunn makes a case for union protection for the marketers and fundraisers and other theatre administrators who all play important roles, working long hours for little pay or glory.

  • Five Artists Discuss Representation Jeremy Stoller

    Using the production of Ken Urban’s play A Sense of an Ending to launch the conversation, theatre  artists Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Gregg Mozgala, A. Rey Pamatmat,   Mfoniso Udofia, and Ken Urban     talk about representation on stage. 

  • So, You Want to Build a Theatre? Trip Venturella

    Trip Venturella outlines a process for theatremakers to build their own theatres.

  • Oh Gender, Up Yours! Sylvan Oswald, Basil Kreimendahl, Mashuq Deen

    Three transmasculine playwrights discuss working in the theatre.

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