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  • Finding a Theatrical Home: My Journey to IRT Theater Evan Caccioppoli
    When I really started to realize the importance of having a theatrical home—a safe and freeing environment where you can create work and challenge yourself. In finding a home base for Kid Brooklyn Productions, I had the goal of creating a developmental lab series where we could produce workshops, both public and private, a reading series, and space for devised work to happen.
  • Clobberation: Clobbering through a Collaboratively-Built Touring Show Ashley Laverty, Rivka Rocchio
    We had reached a point where our personalities and pride had gotten in the way of the work. We had come so far, and had great feedback from the teenagers we worked with, but at what cost? Is theater worth making, if it nearly (or completely) destroys the relationships of those involved?
  • In Dialogue with José Luis Valenzuela Jamie Gahlon, Jose Luis Valenzuela
    People feel that they have the authority or the knowledge to say this is good, this is bad... but we’re in an artistic crisis in the country, and I believe we cannot begin a meaningful dialogue until we understand the "why."
  • Your Brain on Creativity Polly Carl
    I’m not sure the “I’m so busy” problem is unique to theater, but I personally find it a maddening part of institutional theater culture. Everyone is simply too busy to find time where those random eureka moments might occur. We rarely just hang out or create the kind of down time for ourselves that make a creative life possible. Have our theaters and their creativity suffered for a lack of REST? Is the business of theater antithetical to its creative soul?
  • Aditi Kapil, Jack Reuler, and a Pack of Skittles at Mixed Blood Theatre Hayley Finn, Aditi Kapil, Jack Reuler
    Hayley Finn talks with Aditi Kapil, Mellon Playwright-in-Residence at Mixed Blood Theatre, and Jack Reuler, Mixed Blood’s Artistic Director, to discuss how their relationship has changed as a result of the residency.
  • Catalyst is Coming!: A National Convening of Black Theaters Carmen Morgan
    Much is happening in the arts community today—and with black theaters, even more so. Black theaters continue to question their relevancy amidst changing demographics that are impacting the arts in general, all the while holding to culturally-specific aesthetics and community accountability.
  • New Orleans and The DISTILLERY: Creative Visibility Emilie Whelan
    The DISTILLERY is a creative residency for mid-career New Orleans-based performing artists to utilize while they are crafting a new performance. The DISTILLERY values local and national mentorship, consistent roundtable critical discussions amongst its four participating fellows, documentation of artistic processes, and audience engagement.
  • Celebrating the Audience: Approaches to Participatory Performance Josh Sobel
    The onus is on the artist to create an atmosphere and scenario for an audience to be open to an interactive experience, and to understand the techniques and considerations necessary to successfully engage with patrons. After all, the audience is placing their individual and collective trust in you, the artist(s), as soon as they enter the theater.
  • Where Broadway At?: Meditations On the Closing of the Tupac Musical. Idris Goodwin
    Is a successful jukebox musical featuring rap music possible? I think it’s inevitable, but not without a certain amount of consideration towards rap’s unique and specific position in the music sphere. Also, I am doubtful of its ability to be successful using the same formulas of other more successful jukebox musicals.
  • A Borderless Future Luis Alfaro
    It has been fifteen years since I have gone to a TCG conference. I always liked them, but for this playwright of color, they were always lonely affairs. This used to be a conference mostly for artistic directors (missing in woefully obvious numbers this year) and staff from theaters. One could count the artists and people of color on one hand back then... What happened?