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  • Culture Clash: Thirty Years and Counting Jamie Gahlon, Culture Clash

    Jamie Gahlon interviews Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas, and Herbert Siguenza, now marking their thirtieth year as ensemble Culture Clash.

  • The Paradox of Repetition Paul Zimet

    Paul Zimet, Artistic Director of the Talking Band, speech to the New Center for Advanced Psychotherapy Studies on Repetition.

  • Mea Culpa Matthew Gray

    Matthew Gray offers support from the academic arena for HowlRound contributor Seth Lepore’s charge that university theatre departments are not readying the next generation of theatre artists.

  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Arts Management: An Exposé and Guide Elena Muslar

    Elena Muslar offers her take on providing greater access to, creating more opportunities for, and showcasing arts administration as a viable career for people of color.

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  • Art for All: My First Experience with Opera Kelsey May

    College student Kelsey May describes attending an open dress rehearsal at Opera Grand Rapids, and how the experience opened her eyes to a new art form.

  • Mixed Blood Theatre’s Disability Visibility Project Aditi Kapil, Jack Reuler

    Aditi Brennan Kapil and Jack Reuler of Mixed Blood Theatre share the Disability Visibility project with hopes of improving the relationship between the American theatre and disability.

  • Creative Contingencies: Making Peace With My Day Job(s) Melissa Bergstrom

    Melissa Bergstrom reflects on her early disappointment in having to get a day job in order to support herself as a theatremaker, and how she has grown to appreciate the wide range of experiences she has had.

  • Parenting and Playwriting: Worst Review Ever Catherine Trieschmann

    In this installment, Catherine Trieschmann discusses reviews, both in parenting and theatre, and why they can be so detrimental.