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  • Mary Speaks: From the Perspective of Black Mothers Cherry Lou Sy

    Cherry Lou Sy looks at the one-woman show Mary Speaks written and performed by Angela Polite, about using Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a vehicle to explore black grief.

  • The Power of Jo of Arc W.M. Akers

    The grace and fury in the performance of Jo Lampert as Joan in Joan of Arc: Into the Fire.

  • Reviving Zoot Suit in the Time of Trump Carlos Morton

    Carlos Morton discusses the latest revival of Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit, examining its production history and corresponding socio-political events.

  • Empathy on Stage: The Collector and Anonymous in Dublin Laura Marriott

    Laura Marriott explores Daniel Wade’s The Collector and Mark Richardson’s Anonymous, two recent productions in Dublin that explore contemporary social issues.

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