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  • Place Hacking, Belarus Free Theatre, and Coming Home verity healey

    verity healey is back with a report on Belarus Free Theatre’s Staging a Revolution festival that was held November, 2015 in London.

  • Monologue as Performance Eric Bogosian

    Award-winning actor and monologuist Eric Bogosian discusses how a monologue is created: from conceptualization, to free-form vocal improv, to writing, and performance.

  • A Year of Directing Dangerously Patrick Walsh

    Patrick Walsh discusses his work within the prison Two Rivers Correctional Facility and how it revived him and his commitment to theatre.

  • BODY & SOLD: Playwright Deborah Lake Fortson Addresses the Teenage Sex Trafficking Crisis Charlotte Meehan, Adara Meyers

    Charlotte Meehan and Adara Meyers sit down with playwrights Deborah Lake Fortson and Amy Merrill, director Robbie McCauley, and law enforcement and community stakeholders to talk about youth sex trafficking and The BODY & SOLD Project.

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  • The Immersive Actor Tami Dixon

    In this last installment, Producing Artistic Director Tami Dixon reflects on the role of the actor’s relationship with audience members in immersive theatre. 

  • From Theatre to Film: Designing a New Career Seth Tyler Black

    Seth Tyler Black shares stories and tips of theatre artists and practitioners who transitioned into the film industry.

  • My Disability Challenges a Major Theatre Aesthetic Ricky Young-Howze

    Ricky Young-Howze challenges theatre companies to rethink the conventional aesthetic of silent audiences and find creative ways to accommodate audience members with invisible disabilities.

  • The Crucible Returns and We’re Still Pointing Fingers Billy McEntee

    Billy McEntee traces the social history connected to Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, which premiered on Broadway in 1953 during the height of McCarthyism.