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  • Does Size Matter? Seth Rozin

    Seth Rozin says let large theatres do what they do best—be large—and encourage playwrights to cultivate relationships with mid-size and small theatres.

  • Bringing Theatre into the Digital Age Jeni Incontro

    Jeni Incontro encourages the theatre industry to change the business model by embracing technology, filming performances, and giving theatregoers the option of watching whenever they’d like.

  • A Cautiously Optimistic Cuban American Marissa Chibas

    Marissa Chibas weighs both the positive and negative sides of reestablishing diplomatic ties with the Cuban government, and what it could mean for people in both Cuba and the United States.

  • A Balancing Act: Community, History, and Playmaking Liane Tomasetti

    Liane Tomasetti’s first post in her series on creating a site-specific theatre project at a historical site in New Jersey, where she considers point of view, integrity, and expectations.