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  • Under Pressure: Polish Theater and The Crisis of Public Theater Institutions Marta Keil

    Marta Keil presents an overview of the Polish theater, tracing movements within a new political theater, addressing the pressure of the market and the openness to artistic experimentation.

  • Artistry, Advocacy, and Agency: Will Power, Dallas Theater Center and the Playwright On Staff Model Will Power, Jonathan Norton

    Commons Producer Jonathon Norton talks to playwright Will Power, the playwright in residence at Dallas Theater Center, about being on staff at a regional theater and being a member of a community.

  • Painting It Out: The Living News Project’s SHELTER/CHICAGO Lisa DiFranza

    What would a twenty-first century Living Newspaper about homelessness look like? Chicago journalists, artists, and students and faculty at Columbia College, staff and residents at a homeless shelter, are collaborating to create a journalistic theater piece that challenges all of us to reconsider our perceptions and preconceptions about urban homelessness, to explore when, why, and how the media reports the story, and to question our responsibilities as citizens.

  • The Tíaland Elaine Avila

    I highly recommend DISQUIET to all writers, but especially to those of Latina/o and Luso descent. I can’t wait to see what stories come from connecting Café Onda readers and writers to their mission.

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  • Trespass Theater: Jeff Stark on The Dreary Coast Bertie Ferdman

    The Dreary Coast is a site-specific immersive work that took place in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, and used elements of Greek and Roman mythology, Dante’s Inferno, black metal music, and the canal’s actual history to journey its audience through one of the most polluted waterways in the United States. 

  • Site Work to WorkSites: Peculiar Works Project Illuminates the Insides of the City Martha Steketee

    3Christs is an adaptation of a study about therapeutic experiments with three men who believed they were Jesus Christ at Ypsilanti State Hospital in the 1960s. Performed in Judson Memorial Church, 3Christs exemplifies the essence of Peculiar Works Project.

  • The New Freak Shows Jonathan Mandell

    Are we free to gawk again? That’s what Broadway audiences are doing during the revival of The Elephant Man, one of several stage shows and television series that are bringing attention back to the freak show.

  • Forum Theatre’s How We Got On Patricia Davis

    Though set in 1988, Idris Goodwin’s play’s insistence on the power of words, creativity, and voice as a means of self-assertion, growth, and transformation is of timeless importance and is especially relevant now.

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