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  • The Language of Objects: A Puppeteer in Five Acts Stephanie Díaz, Regina García

    In this installment of La Esquinita, puppeteer Stephanie Diaz shares her journey to puppetry and discusses her creative process.

  • Rage in Context Pearl Cleage

    Play recommendations from playwright Pearl Cleage for contextualizing the current anger felt by many Americans.

  • Six Lessons I Learned from Ali Stroker Ricky Young-Howze, Ali Stroker

    Ricky Young-Howze talks with actor Ali Stroker about changing people’s perceptions about performers with disabilities.

  • On the Normalization of Queer-themed Theatre John J. Caswell Jr.

    Playwright John J. Caswell, Jr. meditates on the trajectory of queer theatre, and the tendency to normalize the form.