Hello compatriots!

We’re so grateful for the influx of content we’ve been receiving in the past few months. You’re writing about current controversies and bright spots in theatre communities all over the world, you’re interviewing each other, you’re seeing shows and writing insightful criticism, and so much more. Because of you, readership and traffic to our site has exploded, and we’re so pleased.

In an attempt to make it even easier for everyone to have their voice heard in the HowlRound journal, we’ve recently made some changes to the way we collect pitches. We’re now asking prospective writers to fill out this pitch form, where we ask for a summary of what you’d like to write, what section it’s for, and a little bit about yourself. 

We’d also like to take a moment to remind you all that anyone—yes, you!—can write for the journal, livestream an event on HowlRoundTV, or add information to the New Play Map. For more details, check out the Participate page, or email Ramona@howlround.com. We’d love to have your voice in the conversation.

As the season for giving thanks is upon us, we hope you know how grateful we are to you, the international theatre community, for making HowlRound such a hub for dynamic conversation and community. 


Polly, Jamie, Vijay, Ramona, Lynette, and  Adewunmi