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2013 LTC National Convening

Watch the full video from the convening here

Boston, Massachusetts 31 October—2 November 2013

With the support of HowlRound, the first large-scale formal gathering of the Latinx theatre community since 1986 took place October 31-November 2, 2013 at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. The Latina/o Theatre Commons, or LTC, (later renamed the Latinx Theatre Commons) hosted a historical convening of seventy-eight Latinx actors, directors, producers, playwrights, designers, and scholars representing all regions of the United States. They gathered to explore the history, current challenges, opportunities, and visions for Latina/o theatremakers in the twenty-first century. Over the course of the convening, those gathered sought to advance the state of Latinx theatremaking through sharing artistic, organizing, and institutional wisdom. Strategies were identified to seed collaborations and strengthen the burgeoning network of Latinx theatre artists. See the full list of attendees and check out the convening program here. You can also download the 2013 LTC National Convening press release in English and in Spanish.

“How do we as powerful people figure out how we live in this current reality from a powerful position?” —Diane Rodriguez

Collage of theatre artists speaking, gathering, and performing at the 2013 LTC National Convening.

Read the full narrative report (published in print and e-book)

“We need to assess where we were in relation to 1986...when we meet in thirty years, what will we say?” —Kevin Becerra

The convening brought together veteranos, emerging artists, and independent artists, as well as organizationally affiliated practitioners and scholars, illuminating the diversity of the Latinx experience from across the country. Participants served as delegates of their regions and communities, tracing their roots to many nations, some Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking, identifying on the queer spectrum, and embracing Native/Indigenous and Afro-Latinx heritages as well.

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