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HowlRound in the News:

American Theatre Magazine. "Latinx Theatre Commons Celebrates 10 Years of Connection," by Jacquinn Sinclair. 4 April 2024.

Emerson Today. "HowlRound Residency Puts Playwrights in the Limelight," by Erin Clossey. 5 September 2023.

Hollywood Progressive. "How One Theater Company Provides the Radical Drama World with a Virtual Stage." Interview with Vijay Mathew by Aric Sleeper. 27 February 2022.

WBUR 89.7 Boston Public Radio. "Interview: Jamie Gahlon." by Jared Bowen. 14 June 2021.

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Broadway World. "Interview: Jamie Gahlon on THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY of HowlRound Theatre Commons." by Andrew Child. 28 May 2021.

The Boston Globe. “She loves theater, dessert, and New Zealand — and can’t wait to get to Japan.” by Juliet Pennington. 7 April 2021.

Broadway World. "HowlRound Theatre Commons Celebrates 10 Years." 25 March 2021.

Fractured Atlas. "Work. Shouldn't. Suck." podcast interview with Jamie Gahlon and Vijay Mathew. April 2020.

Emerson Today. "HowlRound Offering Theatremakers a Haven in a Pandemic," by Erin Clossey. April 2020.

American Theatre. "Theatre by Any Other Name," by Jerald Raymond Pierce. April 2020.

American Theatre. "A Decade of Risk and Reward," by Teresa Eyring. January 2020.

Creative Minds Out Loud. "The Arts Sector in the Age of Climate Change," podcast interview with Vijay Mathew. December 2019.

American Theatre: "Where Will Jamie Gahlon Take HowlRound?" by Rob Weinert-Kendt, August 2018.

Voluntary Arts: "HowlRound: A Case Story in Cultural Commoning," by Jamie Gahlon, November 2017. Read the full series, Making Common Cause.

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