Intellectual Property

Republish Content

All content, unless otherwise noted, is free cultural work available to you by our community of content contributors under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). If you republish one of our pieces, please include the following sentence in your publication:

"This piece, "Title" by Author Name, was originally published on HowlRound Theatre Commons (hyperlink to the original article url on, on Date."

World Theatre Map API

We have published the World Theatre Map API of its entire database on GitHub. You can see an implementation of the API on the taxonomy pages that are found on the Search page. Example: look at the section of the taxonomy page for Artist Rights & Safety called "From the World Theatre Map." Content from the World Theatre Map specifically related to this topic is being pulled in and displayed here via the API. 

Open Source

The World Theatre Map is an open source project. Improve, remix, or take the free and open codebase found on the World Theatre Map GitHub repository page.