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Jamie Gahlon (Director & Co-Founder)
Email: jamie@howlround.com
Phone: +1 617-824-3018

Vijay Mathew (Cultural Strategist & Co-Founder)
Email: vijay@howlround.com
Phone: +1 617-824-3037

Abigail Vega (Creative Producer)
Email: abigail@howlround.com

Deen Rawlins-Harris (Associate Producer)
Email: deen@howlround.com

Jacqueline Flores (Latinx Theatre Commons Producer)
Email: jacqueline@howlround.com

Ashley Malafronte (Content Editor)
Email: ashley@howlround.com

Ciara Diane (Content Editor)
Email: ciara@howlround.com

Thea Rodgers (HowlRound TV Producer)
Email: thea@howlround.com

Travis Amiel (HowlRound TV Producer)
Email: travis@howlround.com

David Dower (Co-Founder)
Email: david@howlround.com

Mailing Address:

Office of the Arts, Emerson College
120 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02116

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