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2016 NYC Regional Convening—New York City

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The Latina/o Theatre Commons (LTC) invites Latinx Theatre artists, scholars, administrators, and advocates from the tri-state area and across the USA to participate in this convening to engage in a dialogue on the growing Latinx Theatre movement in New York City, December 1-4, 2016

Join us for four days of conversations, networking, panels, performances, and parties as we gather artists from across the city to discuss aesthetics, identity, scholarship, and intergenerational leadership, all through a lens of abundance, rather than scarcity. We will discover and honor where we’ve been, evaluate and celebrate where we are, and plan for where we’re going!

All Latinx artists, scholars, administrators, and allies are welcome to participate. This convening is free, but you must RSVP to attend. We will hold 100 slots for New Yorkers, and 65 slots for people from outside New York, so don’t hesitate—RSVP today!

Want more information? What's an LTC Convening? Who will be there? Why should you attend?

Curious about the upcoming LTC Convening in New York this December? Check out this FAQ below and let us know if you have any other questions!

Q: What is the LTC?

A: The Latina/o Theatre Commons (LTC), in partnership with HowlRound, is a national movement that uses a commons-based approach to transform the narrative of the American theater, to amplify the visibility of Latinx performance making, and to champion equity through advocacy, art making, convening, and scholarship. Our values include Service, Radical Inclusion, Transparency, Legacy & Leadership Cultivation, and Advancement of the Art Form. We envision an American Theatre that reflects the boundless spectrum of human experiences, that is accessible to all persons, and where the ideals of equity and cultural acumen are embraced, practiced, and woven into the fabric of our field.

Q: What is an LTC Convening?

A: An LTC Convening is many things. It’s a gathering. An open-invitation conference for Latinx theatre artists, scholars, and allies. It’s the possibility to deepen and forge new relationships. It’s a chance to share opinions, insights, and ideas. It’s the opportunity to work collectively on a national movement of Latinx theatre artists.

The first convening was held in Boston in 2013. A small delegation of approximately 80 Latinx theatre artists and scholars representing various cities and geographical regions met to discuss the state of Latinx theatre.

At that initial convening the Latina/o Theatre Commons was born. And with it numerous projects that have already come to fruition: theEncuentro festival and this past summer’s Carnaval. There are several projects still in development, including the LTC’s El Fuego Committed Production Initiative and the Fornés Institute.

The LTC is coming to New York at the end of 2016 for its next convening and is reaching out to Latinx theatre artists, scholars, and allies in the region to participate.

Q: When will registration open for the New York Convening?

A: We will open registration on August 30 at 3pm EDT/2pm CDT/12pm PDT.

Q: Is there a cost to attend?

A: There is no cost to attend the convening—that is, no “registration fee.” However, you must register to attend and registration is limited due to venue capacity.

The LTC convenings are open and free because the LTC believes in creating a space that is accessible to all interested in participating. There will be a limited amount of funds to help attendees with travel expenses—stay tuned for more information!

Q: How does travel funding work? Who can get it?

A: We currently have limited funds set aside to make travel to NYC for the convening possible for folks from outside the city. We may have more available soon, but for now, we're working with what we have. You do NOT need to be a Steering Committee member to receive help, and in the spirit of radical accessibility and transparency, we will be giving out travel funds on a first come, first served basis. That being said, we do ask that folks look into all possible sources of funding available to them, including at your university, institution, and city level. We trust that everyone requesting travel funding truly needs it, and we trust our community to be honest about alternate funding sources your position and/or priviledge may give you access to. Travel funding will be reimbursement-based, and 4-6 weeks post-event to process. 

Q: What are you offering in terms of housing?

A: We will release a list of suggested hotels in mid-September, and we are also setting up a housing exchange for conveners based in NYC to house conveners from outside the city for free. This is an optional program, and you can indicate if you are interested on your RSVP form. It is our hope that by offering this option, potential relationships forged by the convening will be deepened between artists both inside and outside of NYC.

Q: Who is eligible to register and attend an LTC convening?

A: While the convening is open to anyone nationwide, the LTC is very interested in learning about the opportunities and challenges facing Latinx theatremakers in the New York metropolitan area. We will be holding 100 spots for people based in NYC, and 65 spots for those based outside the city.

At the convening the LTC will continue a dialogue it began last year in Dallas, TX and Seattle, WA—building relationships and starting dialogues about the growing national Latinx Theatre movement.

If you are a Latinx theatre artist or scholar, or you consider yourself an ally to Latinx theatremakers—then you are more than welcome to attend! Please note: while the convening is free, you will need to RSVP to attend.

Q: Why should I join the movement?

A: The LTC is fostering a national movement of Latinx theatre artists to advocate and support work by Latina/o/x theatremakers. Anyone can join the LTC in this work. The LTC needs your thoughts, ideas, insights, experience, passion, and drive.

Join us at the New York Convening to meet your fellow Latinx theatremakers, to learn about the work of the LTC, and to help shape the LTC’s future work.

We hope to see you there and stay tuned for more information!

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Convening Partners

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The Public Theater, HowlRound, The Clemente Soto Veléz Center, Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, The Lark, Teatro SEA, Teatro Círculo, Repertorio Espanñol, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and many more!