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Alejandro Garcia Reidy

Alejandro García-Reidy specializes in early modern Spanish literature and culture, especially in relation to theater and the figure of Lope de Vega. His interest in theater of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries focuses not only on the dramatic texts, but also on the performative aspect of theater and the social practices related to this type of show business.His book Las musas rameras.Oficio dramático y conciencia profesional en Lope de Vegaexamines the development of professional playwriting in early modern Spain and the way it affected the image that Lope de Vega, the most successful and revolutionary playwright of his time, projected of himself as a writer. Prof. García-Reidy also participates in the development of digital tools useful for the research and teaching of early modern Spanish theater, and has prepared several critical plays by Agustín Moreto and Lope de Vega (including annotated editions of his masterpiece El castigo sin venganza and his recently recovered play Mujeres y criados).

Theatre History Podcast # 20

Theatre History Podcast # 20

Rediscovering the Lost Lope de Vega Play Mujeres y Criados with Dr. Alejandro Garcia-Reidy

30 January 2017

A conversation with Alejandro Garcia-Reidy about discovering a previously-unknown work by Spanish Golden Age playwright Lope de Vega.