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Alyson Germinder

Alyson Germinder is a Kansas City-based dramaturg and the Literary Manager for Midwest Dramatists Center. Alyson also works as an Associate for the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, where she has served as dramaturg for the last two seasons, and as the dramaturg for Kansas City Actors Theatre’s eleventh season. Regional dramaturgy credits include The Winter’s Tale, King Lear, and The Merchant of Venice for HASF; Journey’s End, The Gin Game, and At Home at the Zoo for KCAT; Seminar and Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo for Unicorn Theatre; and Eleemosynary at the Fishtank. Alyson completed her BA in Theatre at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and finished her MA in Theatre at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the spring of 2015.

Goin’ to Kansas City

Goin’ to Kansas City

Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Branches Out

16 February 2016

Dramaturgs Amanda Boyle and Alyson Germinder share their experience with hosting the Dramaturgy Open Office Hour Project in Kansas City, MO.