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Amanda Eubanks Winkler

Prof. Eubanks Winkler's research focuses on English theater music of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and twentieth centuries. She is the Co-Investigator on Performing Restoration Shakespeare, a project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK (2017-2020) and she is a General Editor for The Collected Works of John Eccles (A-R Editions). She has published on a range of topics, including the relationships among musical, spiritual, and bodily disorder; musical depictions of the goddess Venus; the gendering of musical spirits; and the intersection of music and politics. More recent work has engaged with performance studies and practice-based research, including workshops that staged excerpts of Davenant's Macbeth and Gildon's Measure for Measure (Folger Theatre, Washington DC) and Middleton's The Witch (Blackfriars Conference, Staunton, VA). As part of the Performing Restoration Shakespeare project, she served as music director for a workshop of the Restoration-era Tempest (Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare's Globe, London) and more recently co-led a workshop for scholars and served as a consultant for a full professional production of Davenant’s Macbeth, staged at the Folger Theatre, Washington DC.

Title page of a restoration-era edition of Macbeth
Restoring An Alternate Version of Shakespeare’s Works

Restoring An Alternate Version of Shakespeare’s Works

Theatre History Podcast #70

8 November 2018

The Restoration was an era of theatrical innovation and rebirth in England. It also saw a number of strikingly radical revisions of William Shakespeare's original plays. Dr. Amanda Eubanks Winkler joins us to talk about her work with the Performing Restoration Shakespeare project, which is studying these adaptations and helping to revive them for the stage.